Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Hello Thursday, nice of you to sneak up on me….

2- This is going to be a serious post, because I have a ton of serious things to address

3- Like….. for instance….

4- The best part of the little going to school in the am is that I can…… take a shower BY.MY.SELF. yes. this is almost worth of a ” can i get an amen” Seriously, no little standing at the door asking if I’m almost done. No little undressing himself, hopping in, then complaining it’s too hot. No little… no where to be found when I call his name from the shower, thus making me exit the shower and hunt for him, dripping, in a towel. So yes, SHOWER ALONE. Best part of the little going to school.

5- Speaking of showering, and this may be TMI for some of you, but hell, this is my blog and my life. Yesterday, after my luxurious long shower alone. After I applied face cream to only my face, brushed only my teeth, and blew dry my hair with out someone screaming that it is TOO LOUD…. I realized that all my clean underwear were still in my basket downstairs. Since I have no blinds on my front window, I thought it best to just throw on my pants, and grab them when I was back downstairs. Best laid plans…. so about the time I am pulling into the parking lot to pick up the little…. After I had unloaded the dishwasher, tidied up the big’s room, looked at the upstairs bathroom the big and the middle share and gagged, grabbed a few things off the middle’s floor, shut all the windows, turned the air back on, checked facebook, answered a few texts, called about some lacrosse stuff, it hit me, as I turned on my blinker, yup… I freaking forgot the one thing I went downstairs for. Son of a…

6- Which brings me to this story of growing up. My dad always had a scratch pad of paper around with a list on it. (He still does)-Things he needed to do, to get, to not forget. It was everywhere, next to the phone, on the counter, hell, even on the dash of his car. I always thought to myself I will never be so old that I need to write EVERYTHING down. I will remember it. Or not, I could forget my own freaking underwear? Better yet, I have a scratch pad(ok ok, so it’s a book)that I write everything down in. I know, I could just memo myself on my smart phone, but then I forget that I’ve memo’d myself. Yes, these are the important things I needed to speak of .

7- Check this out.


so one of the little shop of horrors shoots decided to climb a small aspen, and then produce a pumpkin.  as the little would say, wwweeeeeiiirdd.

8- Have you read THIS blog. You should. I love her. She makes me laugh, feel less lonely, and NO 5. Yes, That is my life.

9- So True Blood… I just started season three… can I just say that I don’t really find bill all that good looking? Now Eric… can we swap Eric for Bill?

blog2 blog3

10- My S-I-L put this up on her FB page… I LOVE IT. Seriously.



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