The State Fair-

Here’s the truth:

Spending summers in Illinois was… and humid.. and AWESOME when it was state fair time. There used to be this HUGE double Farris Wheel. It was so cool.

Here’s the truth:

I saw Little Texas and Tim McGraw at the Illinios State Fair. Might be one of the best concerts I have ever been too, I was young, and dumb, and had the time of my life…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some GOOD times at the Colorado State fair, but it is a little different as an adult, with a three year old, who really wants to milk a cow named bessie….



Oh hello bessie….



So while I am taking these, the calf in the pen next door has taken an interest in my stroller..


We wandered though the livestock barns..

sf8 sf10

and then we happened upon this water fountain…the little was not so sure of it… or being in his shorts sans underwear…. I had to keep them dry for later….

sf12 sf13 sf14 sf15 sf16 sf17 sf11

Then we had to “win” the hammer for the bargain price of $5.00


I might deflate said hammer tonight, while he sleeps.

Hello Petting zoo…

sf21 sf22

Notice the goat in the background…. he was all about eating the littles ear’s.. hair…

sf19 st20

One last stop at the pony ride and roping ring…

sf24 sf23

and then headed home just in time for a quick nap.

Here’s the truth: I still love the state fair!


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