Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- The big has joined a, if you will “glee” type group at school that meets, are you ready… at 6:30 in the AM. They call this Zero hour. I call it crazy hour. All this week I have been getting up at 5:45 to make sure he is up, and ready to catch his ride at 6:15. And while I like the 15 min’s of silence I get before the middle gets up, I would rather those mins be spent warm in my bed.

2-This may in fact be one of the worst purchases I’ve made… Gross.. to much like straight milk for me…


3- By the time this weekend is over I will have watched, four soccer games for the big, one lacrosse game for the big, one field hockey game for the middle and one lacrosse game for the middle. Oh and guess what, the middle wants to play basket ball now…..

4-So I read this last week…. ummm yeah, I totally could have written it. – Stop Giving it All or Nothing.

5-So I’ve been working on my.. fine I’ll say it out loud.. road rage. It’s not that I am an aggressive driver, or anything like that. I just tend to spend a majority of my time in the car yelling at other drivers. Things like, “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME”, ” no really, come on over”, ” hey jack ass, feel free to use your blinker”.  So I’ve been working at just slowing down.. people make bad choices no need to comment on them. This week, after leaving a soccer game that it rained the entire game, I was wet, cold, and hungry. I turn onto a road that moves down to one lane a little more than 1/2 a mile up. Because of  the road being rather hilly you can CLEARLY see that the right lane is closed ahead so most of traffic is in the left lane, thus leaving the right lane empty ( after all it is closed ahead). Next thing I know about 10 total jerks pull out of the left lane behind me and speed up the right lane and then demand to be let in. Seriously? Why? Why should anyone let you in, why is your time better than mine that I can wait in this LONG line, oh, but not you. You get to pull ahead and cut everyone off you 10 people are just that special?  I watched a mustang then pull into the right lane and drive right next to the car in the left lane, blocking anyone trying to speed ahead and then cut someone off. This huge truck with a lift comes pedal to the metal up to the mustangs tail end… then with out so much as taping his breaks pulls onto the shoulder and around the mustang. My faith in humanity, after watching this absurd situation unfold, was dropped a few notches. I wanted to send that guy in the truck to a real life version of the hunger games. Too far?

6- Since the little has been going to school he’s been sounding out letters.. A A Apple.. B B Banana,B B Boot.. etc. So I thought hey, here’s my chance to work on some things… Here’s how it goes down..: MoM Da Da Drink… Luke: Da Da  frink.  Mom: La La Luke. Luke: La La Uke. Mom: Ta Ta twinkie Luke: Ta Ta Fwinkie. Alrighty then.

7- Speaking of the little, when I picked him up from school he was soaking wet.. I thought it was because we had just run through the rain storm and his dad was wet…. umm no.  It was pee. So, I’m wondering how long he was hanging out in pee soaked clothes?

8- Since Sunday I suffered a nice sun burn  and today I am wearing a sweat shirt, freezing… I really want to hang onto summer and make these.

9- Did you read THIS? Well please do. And then find your loved ones and hug them.

10- This weekend, I will be celebrating the fact that we are no longer a NO income family. Whoooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooo. ( oh and cherishing the time my husband is at home will me now because I know it will end)


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