Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- It’s amazing how hard it is to reintroduce yourself to exercising. I mean lets just call it like it is, I spent the last week in Atlantis, no running, no walking, for the most part no going outside unless it was to drive around and look at all the raging water. So…. today, since the little is FINALLY back in school, I thought, sure, let’s get out and exercise. I had to fight with my feet to move.

2-This week hasn’t really felt like a “week”. Just a crapton of mondays. ugh.

3- Really, I wish I hadn’t turned on the radio to be reminded that I will be missing THIS> 

4- So during the crazy rains, I would lose the dog in the house sometimes. She’s not all about rain, or thunder, or loud noises for that matter.


Please know that all these stuffed animals were in the corner prior to her digging them out to create her safe haven.  Crazy dog.

5-Oh did I mention the little is back in school.. ahhhhhhhhh

6-So the big is tossing around the idea around of singing something for “Hits” Night.. the theme is “home”. So today, after fighting with my feet, and once I finally got running I started thinking of possible songs…

Here’s what I came up with:

Home Sweet Home

Coming Home

Take me home

I may need some help getting back into this century….

7- Speaking of the 80’s THIS is a good read. Oh and THIS that my SIL sent me, too freaking funny.

8-So, I bought this for the big’s locker, but he said he wasn’t really a fan of it. Well, his loss is my gain. I LOVE it.


9- So, last night I started To Kill a Mockingbird. The little asked me to read it out loud to him. He actually fell asleep listening to me read it to him ( pretty sure he was bored, and tired not really into scout, jem, and dill). Such a good book. I’m so glad the big is reading it, although I am not sure how much he is actually retaining…

10- This weekend…. oh you know, the norm. Lacrosse, Basketball…. but Monday.. Oh yeah Monday…. BOOM > Broncos V Raiders. I . Can’t. Wait.


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