Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:


2-This getting up at 5:45… I’m over it. I can barley keep my eyes open past like, 8:35…..

3- After reading a post on Facebook about driving kids to school in your jammies and then having car trouble… I now put on a bra, a shirt and shoes when I drive to school. Seriously. Imagine the HORROR I would feel at the big’s high school among all the trendy, fashionable, totally fit, already showered, in their power suit, or just a really cute outfit moms if I had to step out of the truck in my- maternity pj bottoms… what I like loose fitting clothes, an old t-shirt of the hubby, the big’s sport flip flops, hair in a bun on the top of my head with my coffee cup. Pure horror just imagining it. So HUGE thanks to the mom who posted about car trouble at her big’s high school. Thank you for saving me in the event ( dear god please never let it happen) I should ever have car trouble.

4-  I loved THIS. I totally stopped watching Grey’s at season 5, but then watched all 5 remaining seasons last winter…..So I’m ready for tonight! Boom.

5- So I’ve totally been worrying that I am F-ing up my kids. That I don’t feed the big the right food to have him gain weight. And I don’t send him to the gym to put on muscle mass, and I don’t hound him about homework. Then I freak that I have in fact created a middle child out of my middle. That the poor kid struggles everyday for an ounce of my attention. Then I remember that the little STILL refuses to put the poop in the potty. Ok, let’s just call a spade a spade, he refuses to let the poop out of his freaking body. Really. Seriously. LET THE POOP out. Then I remember that it doesn’t matter. I could put my kids on a gluten free diet, I could sit at the table every night and check the big’s homework; Hell, how can the middle feel left out when I drive her to not one, not two, but THREE different sporting activities a week, all the while telling her how proud I am that she has straight A’s with out anyone looking over her shoulder. I’m over analyzing if I am a good mom. And all those freaking people out there writing blogs about how homeschooling has given them back their children, how eating only green things has made their teenagers  less of.. teenagers, how family yoga brings everyone together in one mind. whatever. More power to you, good for you.Seriously, thank you for sharing, one day I may need to try something you’ve shared, but for now…. I am just going to keep on, keeping on.

6-guess what’s back….


7- Dear Real

Thank you for the month of dinners, now if only I ate, or even knew, what a majority of the things on your menu were we’d be cooking with gas. Sadly, I am still not sure what gorgonzola is or escarole for that matter, oh and I hate fish. Ugh. I may need to expand my palate a little…

8- Ummmm. yes. PLEASE> This. 

9- While I was searching for a new show to watch, I thought maybe I could swing NCIS LA. Maybe. But then the whole time I was watching the first episode all I could hear was THIS and then THIS and finally I actually got up to YouTube THIS ( and yup, I still know ALL THE WORDS BOOM). Moral of the story, there will be no NCIS LA for me. Unless I can remove LL from my brain.

10- This weekend, yup.. Lax, field hockey, lax, basketball.. and BRONCO football.. 4-0 let’s go~


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