Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I really want to change the look of my blog. I think I might do that.  I might even spend money to do that.

2- So I’m over the pumpkin already.. like. seriously. No pumpkin spiced latte, no pumpkin waffles, no pumpkin anything. OK. thank you.

3- Yesterdays field trip with the little. Awesome. Sometimes I get so bummed that I worked so hard when the big and middle were this age. Really. Like I missed an entire chapter of their lives while I was busy being overly stressed out sliding paper in front of people asking them to sign and date.

4- So my husband HATES that I want to attend every one of my kids events. Be it a lego building thingy, a soccer/lacrosse/basketball/field hockey game, or a musical. Am I a freak? I love to see them  try something new. It makes me happy inside, even if they are awful at it. I want to be there when then try… I always tell them: It’s not about being the best at whatever it is you are doing, it’s about trying your hardest. It’s about being proud of what you left on the field/ stage/ lego floor.

…..And can I just say this out loud ( and maybe, just maybe I am about to get on a rather large soapbox, and maybe just maybe I am about to offend a lot of people) but I am OVER parents who tell their kids how wonderful and  awesome they are ( when in fact they really aren’t the most talented. good? maybe.decent? maybe. The most awesome and getting a full ride scholarship? Naaaa.). I’m not opposed to telling your kid good job, giving them credit when credit is due, or praise in general. I’m opposed to faulty praise. These parents  convince their kids that they are the best player on the field/stage/class, and they don’t deserve to be where they are because they are soooooo much better than all the other players etc. They should be playing/singing/studying with some super elite group that meets secretly in an undisclosed location unbeknownst to us mere average people. REALLY. I LOATHE IT. It makes me want to instantly turn around and not talk to that kid, or that parent ever again. Hey parents, guess what.. newsflash.. LIFE ISN’T FAIR Sometimes bad things happen to good people, it’s how you handle the situation that make you awesome. Further, it’s ok to admit your kid has faults,no one’s kid is perfect. Why, why why, why take the fun out of it for your kid.  Why make them feel slighted? Why not just tell them to get our there and kick ass no matter what team, part, math class you end up in? It’s like these kids are suddenly “too cool for school”.  I can’t stand the sentiment of entitlement.. and that’s how I feel these kids suddenly behave. How about humble? How about humility? Maybe we could teach our kids those things, instead allowing them to yell at everyone who doesn’t meet their “greatness expectation” and drops a pass, misses a basket, gets a math problem wrong,how about not letting then behave in a very unsportsmanlike  manner towards their own teammates ( and the other team); instead how about teaching your kid to become a leader. You want better results from a team member, then offer to practice with them? Lead them to greatness, because I am almost certain you can’t yell them to greatness. I love my kids, and I think they kick ass.  But I also remind them that if you want to be better, then you have to work at it, you want your team to be better, then lead them to the place you want them to be.Yelling at people gets you nowhere, except maybe now lot of people  don’t like you. Anyway… I just want some parents to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, your kid isn’t the greatest player/scholar/songster, and it’s ok to tell them that. Guess what, here’s a real chance to parent, how about you give them a plan to achieve that greatness, help them get where they want to be with practice, hard work, dedication . Don’t just fill their heads with crap because you are wearing the “parent blinders” and love your kid so much that you’ve failed to see any shortcoming in them. You’ve failed to teach them about “team” and hard work. All you’ve done is create a monster. I. MUST. STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. THIS.

5- Maybe if someone delivered THIS. to my house.. I would stop talking about parents and their self-righteous kids.  Joking, I am going to talk about it forever. Joking. I am shutting up now.

6- Here’s my parent fail of the week: So the little was playing a game on the computer after dinner and the middle was in the dining room working on homework. I was pretending to clean up, but really checking insta on my phone.  As usual my husband was giving me grief about something (perhaps checking insta on my phone and not cleaning) but I will deny it if you flat out ask me what I was doing. So, I might have mumbled “geeze” after said husband left the room, at which point the little, not even looking up from his computer says,

Little: “what momma? why you say geeze?”

Momma: ” oh no reason”

Little: still not looking up from his computer, ” you say geeze because dada is a freaking asshole”?

Pretty sure I heard the middle snort while trying to conceal her laugh from the other room. I just turned and immediately headed for the bathroom and shut the door. I can tell you this much asshole is not my go to word.  Son of a .. now if he repeats that, then I am to blame, maybe even bastard.. you can blame that one on me too but Asshole? Not me….So… there is no more swearing in this house. At all.. to include freaking.

7- There is something about this pic that I love. I know it is over exposed, and at a weird angle.. but I love it.


8- I need to find something DIY for the house to do while my husband is gone. The little would like to be naked baby and paint. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Can I just spend a crap-ton of money and by a new dining room?

9-This week I have walked straight from the mail box to the recycle bin no less than three times. People, stop wasting the trees, and quit spending me junk.

10- This weekend.. man, there is SOOOO much going on this weekend. Soccer/field hockey/basketball/lacrosse/lacrosse- oh and the husband is leaving soon.. maybe I should add laundry to that list .


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