Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So last week I threw up a picture of my sister and I from years ago on facebook since it is ” throw back thursday”- The middle says to me ” mom you have to # (hashtag) TBT or it’s like, not cool”. Alllllllll righty then. So fine, I just posted another pic on facebook and used a #. No really, I did. Now I totally feel like the people Jimmy and Justin are making fun of in THIS.

2- But seriously I will not get sucked in to the hastag world. #imthecoolestmomever #dontuknow #itsgottabeme

3-So, I have been rocking this cold for a week now. Husband leaves, cold attacks. #gofigure #ineedsomenyquil #theNightimeSnifflingSneezingCoughingAchingStuffyheadFeverSoYouCanRestMedicine

4-  Do you love Game of Thrones- Then check THIS out- so funny. #omg #GOTrocks #yougottaseethis

5-Bragging about my kid moment- too.darn.handsome I loved watching him perform last night, I still love watching him play lax more though..well maybe it is a tie. #proudestmomever




6- With this cold I have, eating just hasn’t sounded good. I’ve just been downing peppermint tea since it cools my throat, but then I saw THIS blog. Can someone please make this for me? #soup#itdoesabodygood #thatsmilk #whatever

7-I read THIS blog. Remember my rant last week. Well then I read No 11. And while I am not changing my opinion, perhaps I should keep it to myself. #ifyouhavenothingnicetosay #somethingsarebetterleftunsaid

8- What do you think of the new look? I’m not sold on it. I kinda like it, but then I kinda don’t. It’s almost too girly for me.  #decisionsdecisionsdecisions

9- So I have this big moniter that I always edit my pic’s on and the middle did something to it. So now it is all fuzzy and not crisp? Anyone know how to fix it? #imsonottechsavy #fuzzysucks #missmymoniter

10-This weekend- T.I.G.E.R.S HOCKEY. #blackandyellowblackandyellow #youknowwhatitis

~#kml-w #ilovetotakepictures  #timeforchristmaspictures #geterdone #enoughtwiththehashtags

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