Friday’s Findings-

Here’s the truth:

1- Oops I totally missed Thursday. Oh well.

2- My house is not any easier to keep clean with out the hubby home. For some reason I thought it would be?

3-Why, why why why are caramel and apples to good together? Seriously, can’t get enough.

4- I was playing my guitar and the little came hauling into my makeshift office/dining room- looks at me, covers his ears, and screams… You’re killing me. Ok…. um guess I won’t be auditioning for the voice anytime soon.

5-One of the BEST THINGS EVER is when someone you haven’t spoken to, in like forever calls you. Totally made my day.

6- Perhaps I should get a job holding a sign on the side of the street. Seriously, that has to be an awesome work out… plug in my ipod and just dance at the oncoming traffic, with a “big burrito now open” sign. maybe not.

7-Despite all my attempts to stall it, fall is coming, it’s here, the leaves are falling off the trees and the heater came on last night.

8-In case you were wondering there are 60 days til Christmas. No really, check THIS out. I am so not ready.

9- I LOVE THIS  (explicit lyrics)- can’t. get. enough. oh and THIS.

10 Dear Peyton, it’s ok that you lost to the team that didn’t want you. I wish you wouldn’t have, but it’s over now.


11- This weekend- Lax!


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