Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Happy Halloween! We live on like the busiest street EVER for Halloween. Pretty sure we go through like 5 of the HUGE bags of candy, and then I start stealing from the kids.

2- Facebook reminded me that I have 4, seriously 4, friends who were born on Halloween. Pretty cool.

3-Sometimes I need to remember this-


4- So last night, I went up to my old high school, sat in the cafeteria, and listened to the lacrosse coach talk about the upcoming season.  Then he had his two senior captains talk about apparel. Hows that for making one feel old. Better yet, then they passed out the flyer with the web address to order said apparel. Ummm… so I like get to pay, 150 for a weight training camp, 100 to the school for athletic fees, 150 for additional lacrosse fee’s, buy some apparel, buy a “boat coat” and then we get to play lacrosse. How’s that for making you feel old and broke!

5- Oh and did I mention….. in the mail I got a letter from the music department that if my big is going to sing and dance over spring break, that I need to send in my first installment of the $800 I owe for said trip?

6- Hey CMHS, I just ran out of checks… sorry.

7-Did  I mention that I have been listening to GNR’s for the past three days on pandora.. which means I’ve also been getting Poison, AcDC, Motley Crue, and a whole bunch of others that I love. Yes, I may in fact be a big hair band groupie.

8- This morning I was sitting on the couch finishing my book, while the little watched a some TV. And suddenly I smelled it, rotten milk. It was awful.  So I smelled: the little.. nope. every cushion of the couch… nope. the chocolate milk cup…nope. Back to the little.. nope. IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY. Then it hit me.. under the couch., there is was, a sippy cup from.. god knows when. I think I just finally got that awful smell out of my nose thanks to some bleach. GROSS.

9- So.. snow on Tuesday. I will now officially enter the winter funk.

10- This weekend…. YES. The hubby comes home, AHHHHHHHHH

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