The Frazee Five-

Here’s the truth:

This session is in my top 5 favorite. I LOVED EVERY SECOND.

Here’s the truth:

I was pretty sure since these boys were a little older than my usual subjects that they would be easier to photograph. Ha, boys will be boys, no matter the age!

f1 f5 f6

But these boys are GORGEOUS.. so I forgave them for being…. boys.


let’s add  mom…


Ok … fine we can add dad..

f15 f16bw

and maybe a crazy dog-


f23f26f28f29 f33bw f36


f45 f51

f54 f60 f61bw f66

f69bw f73f f77 f80f

So this is like the never ending post… because I am SO in love with SO many of these photos.. But all good things must come to an end…


Here’s the truth:

Hey Frazee five, thanks for hanging out with me, zeke and all.


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