Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am exhausted. Seriously and I have no idea why.

2- I love THIS.

2.5- oh and THIS.

3- I need one of the above for “stop yelling at other drivers”

4- So ummm ahhh yea.. .. have you seen THIS? I love it.

5- I am not feeling the holiday cheer. At.All. I thought maybe the snow here today would make me feel more.. in the spirit. Not. It’s just made me feel cold, and lethargic. Ok really.. i just don’t want to clean my house and I am using the snow as an excuse. Instead I’ll take pictures of the dog in the snow.


6-Yesterday, I picked the little up from preschool, and we were having our normal, what did you do today, how was your day, did you have a great snack, conversation; when he busts out ” today on the play ground, I had a HUGGEEE booger.” Really, I say. So what did you do with your booger? I picked it (as if he would do anything else, duh mom). Oh, and after you picked it did you put it in a Kleenex and throw it away. Ummmm no, I wiped it on my pants, and emilio laughed. Great. Thanks for sharing.

7-Did I mention that recently we took a trip to santa’s workshop.. where I was forced to ride this… I haven’t been the same since.


8-  To go with last weeks. HA. I love all of these. I’m by the linens.

9- So I have a problem with piles. Yes, it is a full fledge problem, and no matter how hard I try.. I just make more piles. Why? I need a pile intervention.

Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2:


Exhibit 3:


Seriously.. i need help.

10- Could be that I have a bunch of piles because I get caught up watching, oh , say… THIS.

11- I need to go re-read catching fire now so maybe.. just maybe.. I can talk my husband into watching the little so the middle and I can go tomorrow!

12- This weekend… nada! whooo hoooo.


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