Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- We have a snow day here… really it should be a cold day. I know,  I know, I live in Colorado but…. it’s become so mild here that when the forecast is a single digit…. it’s too damn cold.

2- I just watched like three episodes of Glee on my DVR, since I’m really not a big fan of it anymore. I’ve taken to fast forwarding a majority of the show and just watching the singing. Sadly one episode I think I just fast forwarded through pretty much the entire thing. Can I say it again.. how did a show that was so witty and awesome turn into… me fast forwarding?

3-BUT on another note, this made me smile. Actually most of this episode made me smile. Pretty sure it was the Billy Joel. Yes, I love billy. I mean, like, LOVE him. Matter of fact I may just put in my Billy Joel greatest hits while I clean the house. Torture my kids. Whatever, then need to learn what good music is!

4-Speaking of music.. Yes I LOVE this too. To the point that the little now knows the words too.

5- #TBT


6- So after about a year of taking pictures.. I have decided that I really love High School Seniors. So… if you know any kids that will be seniors next year.. send them my way. I would be ever so grateful.

7- Oh, I just remembered.. I am SO EXCITED that the sing off is back. SO excited.

8- Ummm yes please to THIS. Anyone want to join me for 1 or 20?

9- So let’s talk for a minute about a Christmas tree. No I don’t have one, No I don’t usually put one up. Should I? I mean we wake Christmas morn at my parents house, and that is where Santa finds us, so do I need a tree. Then there is the snobby part of me that is, like, all, fine.. IF I get a tree it must be a real one. So then I am on the hunt for the exact right tree when usually ends up costing over 100 bucks. Really, I am that snobby. I know none of you are surprised. So, tree or no tree.

10- Finally.. I have a goal. And for some odd reason I can’t seem to click the little box in facebook that says “invite friends to like your page”.. so if you like my page: feel free to click the like button. This all boils down to my insecurity in entering any photo in one of the many “challenge of the weeks” in one of the many photography forums I read. It’s like I look at the other entries and they have like 200 likes or even 20k likes so then I feel like maybe I shouldn’t enter.. I don’t know never mind.

11- This weekend… I must finish my shopping. I like to have it done early.. now if only the big would give me some ideas. He’s killing me…the middle and the little… they are overflowing.


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