Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- It was WAY to cold here last week. So cold in fact that I will now be going someplace warm for spring break! WhOOOO HOOOOO.

2-THIS brought tears to my eyes. I love it.

3- So the little has been walking around singing Christmas carols, turns out he has a program next week. I CAN”T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. I may in fact cry through the whole thing.

4- I know I said it last year, but I am going to say it again this year. The best part of the holiday’s, the part I love the most, cards. I love them. I sent out every single one I purchased this year because I hope someone else loves them as much as I do, and that someone smiles as big as I do when they find a card in their mail box.

5- THIS is awesome! And got me a little more out of my grinch-ness.

6-Is that even a word? Grinch- ness??

7-I freaking love .THIS. Love. no really, I laugh every time I see one. Brilliant ad campaign.

8- This was and entire rant about my HORRIBLE experience at Wal-Mart yesterday. And the awful feeling of watching a mother spank her 2.5 year old over and over and over again and then smack his hand countless times. But I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut. I’m not her, I haven’t walked  in her shoes, and maybe my comment to her was rude and uncalled for and for that I am feeling …. kinda bad.  So hey lady, I’m sorry.

9- My middle made the A team for basketball. Yup, I said the A team. PROUD.MOM.MOMENT. Now, not sure how much she’ll play, but by golly I’m buying her some kick ass BBALL shoes!

10- Tonight… GO BRONCOS


11- This weekend.. Lots of good things are happening, and with lots of people I LOVE. BOOOM good bye grinch-ness.

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