Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:


2-So many great things happened last weekend- maybe just maybe last weekend is what I needed to escape the holiday funk!

3-So there is this… wine, fondue, and friends!tt1

4- Then there was this… a little electric safari..


5- Dear elf on the shelf, can you hide yourself for the next 6 days…. I seem to be failing.

6- So, the big, the middle and I contributed to a family in need for Christmas. We got the things that were on the NEED list as well as a few of the things on the want list. The big wasn’t all about it, but I did take his money happily, the middle on the other hand she was all about it.  Sadly though, she misses the part where you get to see how excited they are by what you’ve gotten them.

7-Can we talk for a second about the little singing.. I wish I could figure out how to put it in here, so maybe you could love the skidamarink song as much as I do now… but I can’t figure it out…so you’ll just have to take my word that it was AWESOME. Not so awesome, the parents that clogged the aisle so I couldn’t even see him when he sang his second song. Hey parents, you suck. Thanks for acknowledging me when I mentioned to you that I COULDN’T see my kid and could you please sit down? Hello, I even used my nice voice? And about that second song, I think it is kinda sad that we have come to a point where we change the words from “We wish you a merry Christmas” to “We wish you happy holiday’s”.. but the cuteness almost outweighed the surprise at the lyric change, almost.

8- I making a Christmas craft, I can’t wait to show you next week. Wish me luck as there are a few things I am horrible at… cooking and crafting are two of those things.

9-OMG. THIS. This made me bawl. Huge tears. I love it.  If you never click on my links, click this one. Things it reminded me:

– kids are a constant surprise

– holidays are meant to be spent with family,even if you have to kill yourself trying to make everyone happy. It’s worth it.

– I miss my sister and wish her and those kids of here’s were here too.

-life is short, so live it up!

10-This weekend… I don’t know.. maybe a little of THIS and THIS and no way I’m leaving you with out a little of THIS.


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