Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- No really, it’s thursday? I am lost in some weird time continuum, I swear it is still monday?

2- So Christmas morning,say 7:00 am we were are snug in our beds.. except my husband who thought maybe he should let the dog out not knowing that my parents had set the alarm… sooooooo we were all up after that…

3-Merry and bright- after the alarm…


4- Parenthood, the TV show. Yes, I am addicted.



and now-


He looks so happy right? Well I can tell you he is now that today is his birthday and he got his permit. Scary.

6- Whew.. I made it. I survived, holiday rush over. Ahhhh…..

7-I remember, I use to get so pumped for New Year’s Eve.. I can tell you right now I’d like to sleep the New Year in.

8-Kinda like this-


9- So today is the first month, in the next three that we celebrate a birthday on the 26th. Today, the big… 26 Jan the hubby….26 Feb the little.

10- This weekend..  pluuease.. I was pretty sure today was Monday ( see No 1) so I have like, no plans.. nada.. zip…  Oh wait…. I get to use my camera this weekend.. WHOO HOOOO!


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