Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So ummm, yeah.. totally thought yesterday was Monday, and then when the trash guy showed up I was sure it was Wednesday… apparently it was Thursday. Oops.

2- Can we talk for a second about Victoria’s Secret. WTF, 50.00 for a bra. For a bra? No seriously? I almost choked.

3- So I got this awesome new software for editing. I have NO idea how to use it. And of course the class I want to take it at 4:00 on Tuesday. Really? That is like smack in the middle of pick someone up from LAX or Basketball, or something. There is no way I can make that work.  So now I am forced to figure out if I can take an online course? Anyway…

4- Went to see Frozen again. Have you seen it? You should. Finally Disney is back with a honest-to-god true hit.  So good I might even go see it for a third time. Like up there with the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Tangled. LOVE.

5- Speaking of Disney..where do they find the awesome songsters? I swear they have the best reprises EVER. Like THIS one, or THIS one, or maybe say THIS one, here’s my most recent FAV. OMG!!!!!Look someone loves Disney reprises as much as I do.

6- So lets talk New Year’s resolutions. Yeah, I don’t have any.. but I do have some, say, goals.

– I’d really like to be neater. Not cleaner, neater.

– I’d really like to take at least 10 senior sessions. I guess that means I have to stick my neck out there and actually maybe advertise. Ugh, That scares the PANTS off me. Really. Terrified.

– I’d really like to exercise more.

– Finally, I’d really like to be a better parent. Even if that means picking more fights, and letting them fail more, and teaching more responsibility… letting them be accountable for their things, even if they left them at home and need them now…

7- I am so over my hair. I’m ready to cut it short.. like this..

short hair


8- I need to declutter my closet. Really, I have about 20 pairs of shoes I will never wear again. Why am I still hanging on to them? Along with the 20 suits? Maybe I should have put this up with No 6 in my list of goals.

9- THIS is a must read if you are in a dinner planning funk  like I am. Seriously,I am over the normal dinner in this house, so this year we are going to branch out and try new things, even if I have NO idea what some of the ingredients are, or where to find them.

10- This weekend… I may just declutter that closet, or I may go ahead and finish season 4 of Parenthood. If I can manage not to cry through it.

Hello 2014!


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