The Bell Family-

Here’s the truth:

This family and I have spent many sweltering hot days, as well as many freezing cold days, and many perfect Colorado days,  watching our boys play lacrosse.

Here’s the truth:

I jumped at the opportunity to have a session with them!

b54Ha…I’m so darn funny.


b10fI can tell you I was honestly a little nervous; I know they were not looking for the traditional posed photo’s and I know they didn’t want to spend hours wandering around looking for the “perfect” spot, both of those things I tend to do..Also, I am still struggling with my family composition so we can now double my nervousness…


See the beautiful young lady in the middle.. Meet Molly. Molly is autistic, and I wasn’t too sure exactly what to expect. While I have spent plenty of time with molly, sharing the shade of her umbrella at numerous lacrosse games, I’d never really thought about how I would photograph her. At first she wanted nothing to do with my camera. So I struggled with getting her to look at me, then when she did finally look at me, she wasn’t overly happy to be looking at me. But I can tell you, by the end she was all about it, and I was in love. The photo below may in fact be my favorite of the day…


Or maybe this one… oh so close, I can’t decide..b24




b53Here’s the truth:

Despite being nervous, I love every single one of these. When I scroll back through them I find myself smiling. I.LOVE.THAT.

Here’s the truth:

Hey Bell family, thanks for hanging in there with me as I learn. Thanks for laughing when I say crazy things like “Kathy you look uncomfortable,can you figure it out”.. or whatever other wacky things came out of my mouth!I can’t wait ’til next time!


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