Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So my husband is gone again… I might be at my breaking point. I might run screaming from this house the second he returns and get on what ever “wanna get away” Southwest flight I can find… one way.

2- Last night, the wind kept me up all night…. and you know, since I watch The Walking Dead there was NO way I was going outside to see what in my yard, may in fact, be blowing away. I mean, come on now, I would end up face to face with a walker/biter/zombie and then that would be it. I’d contaminate my entire neighborhood and there is no way I am taking responsibility for that.

3- So, lately I have been trying to shed a few pounds. Nothing extreme, like 12. So I have been running. Ok, we can call it what it is.. since I live in an area that backs to open space, the dog and I have been walking UP the hills, and running down them. Ha. However, the point of this number is that in sheer desperation and one hundred percent NEED…this morning I had this for breakfast. Yup.. I’m a failure.


4- Have you seen THIS. My heart melts.

5- So my sister… have your read her BLOG? Well you should.. bought her 2nd middle one of these…


and considering my little sings as much as her 2nd middle does, I thought it would be awesome to get him one too. Guess what.. they don’t make them anymore, thus making them “vintage”. Now when you add the word “vintage” to anything suddenly you also get to add 0’s. So what was once $50.00 is now $350.00. And I can’t find ANYTHING similar. Really. Heart melting above, broken here.

6- So the little refuses to let me clip his finger nails. I usually do it while he is asleep, or if I’m in a bad mood already and don’t mind picking a fight I’ll do it when I notice them. So today, I noticed that they are really long and I mention to him we may need to clip those, to which he replies, you’re not my best friend. No dude, I’m your mom and your nails are gross. So for the rest of the morning he took the opportunity to remind me that I’m not his best friend. As we walk into pre-school.. he leans closer to me and whispers… “still not my best friend” then runs off. Thanks. Love you too.

7- I’ll be eating THIS while watching the Bronco’s this weekend. Although I have to admit,  when it comes to the NFC I have kinda been partial to the Seahawks… I love Matt Hasselbeck, Russell Wilson is ok, too.  Oh and in true girl fashion I love their uniforms.

8-So I spent the better part of the morning one day reading THIS> I love it. He’s awesome. While I don’t always agree with everything he says, sometimes it’s nice to think about another point of view.

9-Soooo ummmm yea…. THIS.. just happend on my TV. No really, it did.

10- This weekend.. do I have to say it…. BRONCOS.



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