Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I’ve done something to the size of my entire screen in my “post” page, and now like everything is huge, and I can’t see my entire draft blog on my screen I have to keep scrolling down and over and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I’ve googled how to make it small, WTF have I done, HELP ME PLEASE, and yet I have no answers. What ever…

2- So this week the little and I switched up our routine and went to a different grocery story. Can I just say…. knowing where everything is in a grocery story is like… priceless. And the new one we went to… packed. Packed with jerkface people. It was awful. Not only could I not find anything, but since I could not find anything I was forced to actually read the signs thus needing to stop.. I can’t count how many times people would get frustrated with me and let out an exasperated breath. Hello people, its not like I stopped in the middle of the aisle, I pulled over. It’s not my fault that someone else happened to be coming down the way to small aisle the opposite way and you got stuck behind me.  Can we now add insult to injury….I get in line and look in my purse, no wallet. So I embarrassingly run to the car, throw in my purse, grab my wallet run back in. Get to the register.. guess what… card actually in purse not wallet. Ugh.. so now I run back to the car (visibly sweating) carrying the almost 4 year old, grab the FN purse and head back in. During this time I notice that the snow has melted off the pavement. My truck is parked at some crazy angle in like 3 spots. I promise when I pulled in I was at the same angle as the the cars all around me… however those three people are now gone, since they probably knew where everything in the store was and didn’t forget their method of payment… twice. I’m not going back there…. EVER.

3-Have you seen this.. its all over face book, but maybe you missed it.. I love it.

4- So speaking of FB.. I’ve read, like 20 different times, that people found THIS commercial incredibly offensive. And I quote “That all us ‘dummies’ who have no idea what it’s really like when a solider comes home were just duped by a beer commercial so they could exploit our military and make the ‘average Americans’ heart melt with a bunch of BS to sell more beer. ” Yikes. People are fired up. Maybe they have a point? I don’t know, just throwing it out there.

5- Speaking of people in an uproar- did anyone see this…I have mixed feelings about it.


Personally, I think she looks gross. I love the biggest loser. It keeps me motivated to eat a little more healthy, to run a little farther, to remember that life is good and to live it. And then they award someone who looks like this. Some one who is 2 inches taller than me and now weighs 20 lbs less than I EVER have. Even at my most healthy weight!  My biggest concern with this is when my daughter who is 5’4 walked in the room, and saw her weight at 105… I think she suddenly thought, oh no, I can’t weigh over that or I will be fat? Dear Biggest Loser people,  I think you failed!  Maybe she has doctors that have continued to monitor her weight loss after the show.. I would hope so because I don’t think she doesn’t look healthy, she looks like she has an eating disorder. I think the only people I’ve ever seen that skinny are long distance runner. Like serious long distance, multi -marathon runner. So, not sure how I feel about her extreme “fit”/ skinny reveal.

6-I’m pretty sure it’s time to buy new Tupperware when you open the cabinet and all you have are.. lids? Seriously.. just lids?

7- I. LOVE. THIS. My sister.. and yes I am shamelessly promoting her since she has her FIRST EVER book coming out Monday…once told me a story about how she doesn’t allow her boys to have posters of professional athletes in their rooms.At the time I thought she was a little off her rocker. I mean, why not let your kids dream big, learn that hard work and dedication could get you to the big league. But then I really started to think about it and I think she is spot on. My kids have never really wanted any of those. I mean we have posters of the CC tigers hockey team… but they are college kids. Not really in the spotlight for say.. dog fighting, or drugs, DUI’s, rape, spousal abuse or killing people.But there are those few that I might change my mind for. Hands down Peyton is one of them.

8- So I didn’t tell you ( all my pretend BFF’s) that last month my big and my husband were at sports authority when something bad happened. They were trying on shoes when suddenly from the front of the store came screaming. When they got up there they witnessed two men stealing bags of merchandise from the store and they had pushed down the ladies who were cashiers , perhaps even punched one, and where heading for the door. Things unfolded and additional employees made their way to the front and my husband and a solider who had just PCS’d to our town were feeling confident that they were going to just leave. When suddenly an employee from the back of the store barreled out the front door and the fighting started all over again. At this point the solider  happened to be next to one of the, for lack of a better word, bad guys and he took a large rock and nailed the solider in the jaw. My husband said it was the worst sound and he could see his jaw bone… Eventually the ambulance came and took the solider to the hospital, but having just moved here the wife had NO idea where the hospital was, so my husband lead her there. She also had no idea where Ft. Carson was, so he took her there too. Really quite a scary story.  The whole point to this story is, two nights ago, I was renting Lacrosse equipment to a family and my husband was entertaining the little in the family room. We were laughing and just talking about lacrosse, and the sport and the rules when suddenly my husband appeared ( totally not like him) and introduced himself to the dad. When the wife was like, ” We know you”, and the dad said, ” We met you at sports authority”. Then the dad smiled. And it took a second for it to register for me. But after seeing the inside of the dad’s mouth, and all the wires and the scar along his jaw line it hit me. Wow, this is the same guy from a month ago. This is the guy from sports authority. Small world. Small freaking world.

9-  I was talking to another lacrosse mom a few weeks ago, and she told me she had grown up outside NYC. I was suddenly very jealous of her. Then my fav blog shared this blog. Man, I wish I could just pack up my family and spend a year living in NYC.

10- So.. the husband, the little, and I went to the Frozen sing along…enjoy:

Do you wanna build a Snowman by lukie

11- So.. football is over. That is all I am going to say about that.. but OLYMPICS!! Whooo Hooo!!!!


One thought on “Thursday’s Thoughts-

  1. Build a Snowman!!!!! No, but I want to see a re-do of Mr Music Star singing in full light and full length. Then I want to see this submitted on Utube……then I want to see him in Americas Got Talent………then I want to see him in a commercial. YES And of course catch the da-da again 1/2 sleeping and not even ‘glowing with pride’ at his sooooooooo talented little son!

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