Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I still have NOT fixed my screen.. ugh.

2- I must make a confession to you… I love bread. There I’ve said it out loud.  And let me clarify, by love, I mean I will eat bread in any shape and size… as long as it is not growing any mold. White, 12 grain, artisan, french, with cheese baked in, with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it, sourdough…. I just love it. Guess what.. my bootie apparently loves bread too. Despite my best efforts to lose the 12 lbs, I think I managed 5 thanks to the bread… Ok fine, let’s call it like it REALLY is.. I love carbohydrates. Because on top of bread I also love, potatoes and pasta. Ugh.

3-So, can we spend a second to talk about Pandora… I.LOVE.IT. I mean, I’ve always liked it. But seriously, during my run/walk/jog/slide on Tuesday I plugged in the 90’s… I got Sublime followed by The Backstreet Boys followed by Eve 6 and a little Brittany to close it out- although I do have to wonder how anyone ever thought it was ok to name a song Hit me one more time?-… I tell you if it hadn’t been so darn slippery, I would have shaved some time. LOVE.

4- Speaking of Pandora- today during my run/walk/slide THIS came on. I swear it lasted all 1.87 miles.

5- Confession No. 2- I am watching Downton Abbey. This is my third attempt at watching it and I must say, it has sucked me in. I mean, I am pretty sure I have watched enough episodes that I can speak in a perfect British accent.

6- THIS. I want it.. kinda ties into to confession no 1.

7-So I’ve been trying to keep up with this photo a week themed thingy on a site I love. I’ve failed, but here’s last weeks “candid”


8- There is something dead in my car…. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for it. Can’t find it. Ugh. It’s awful. So I broke down and bought one of those smelly tree’s. Vanillaroma.. OMG. Suddenly I was like transported back to my 1987 Jetta, laughing my you know what off as my two besties jump out of the car in the wendy’s drive through, or some place like that and put the bumper cover back on. Hey you two…. do you remember that? It’s amazing what the mind holds on to.

9-So the little has been taking swimming lessons at the Y. Thankfully I ever so sly-ly (is that even a word?) mentioned it to his friends mom and she signed up the friend too, other wise I’m not sure the little would have ever even gotten in the water. Anyway.. the little’s favorite part of swim lessons….. the shower after. No joke. The kid loves it. Yesterday, there may have been a rendition of “Let it Go”coming from his stall. I do finally get him out of the shower and since he’s been in there SO long we pretty much have the entire locker room to ourselves. In the middle of getting him dressed, he breaks out a little “Trouble”.. so when he get’s stuck I help him out with a few words… ok maybe more than a few, but what ever, it is a locker room with awesome acoustics and we are.. alone… that is until we get up to use the blow dryer and there…standing in the door way.. are two families.. who begin to clap. Mental note… only kids can sing in the Y locker room. Pretty sure I was a shade of red suitable for tomorrow.

10- Huge thank you to everyone for putting up with my shameless promoting of my sister BOOK– She kicked some serious you know what and I will now cease and desist pushing her in your face.. that is until her next book.

11- This weekend.. oh right it’s valentines day. I’ll be spending it… with the big and the little.. oh and my husband. Yea, all my boys!


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