Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- No, No I haven’t fixed my $*&*%^! screen.

2- The little has given up his afternoon nap… ugh. When he doesn’t have school I am pretty sure I am living the longest day EVER over and over and over again. I’m dreading summer.

3- That last statement was 1/2 lie. I am longing for warmth, and sun, and more warmth. I am counting the hours til I can send the little out into the sandbox or the back yard… or maybe we can both go for a hike. I am SO OVER winter.

4- Does anyone else find it extremely annoying that qwest/centurylink gives you this like.. teaser price for say,12 months. Then if you don’t call them to get another “teaser”price they rake you over the coals and suddenly charge you like 3x what you were paying.I would think after being a loyal customer for say,13 years, they could just charge me a price, not a teaser price and not a BS jacked up price. I loathe them.

5-So I started a new project. Yes I know, I didn’t complete any of the other one’s but this one is very important to me. My husband may have told me that if it doesn’t work out, then I have to go back to work. Say What? Go back to work? Ummm no. So just know that coming soon is something that I have to be successful at and that will mean me stepping out of my little bubble, actually advertising, and beliving in myself. All things that I suck at. So.. there is that.

6- So a friend posted THIS on facebook. I love it. Please DON’T CLICK THE LINK if profanity is something you have no tolerance for as this article is riddled with the F bomb.

7- So, totally weird the things that bring me happiness lately, like.. say… this


8- Can I please have this Blueberry Crumb Cake in a personal size pan…..

9-Have I told you all that I am trying to be a nicer driver. I mean since I now have a kid with a learners permit, I am trying not to swear.. or cut people off… or drive aggressively. Here’s what I’ve learned. So many other people drive so aggressively that if I didn’t drive a truck I would have been run over by now. Seriously people at the Jr High and High School. WTF… be nice. Are you in such a hurry that you can’t slow down just a tad. Give me a second to pull out before you cram your benz/land rover/bmw in the back end of my ford? Better yet, hello HS parents, we are all trying to do the same thing, so hey lady that was behind me, who sat through countless lights with me, who finally was able to make the left hand turn into the driveway, who then sped around me like a bat out of hell, only for me to cut her off when she tried to get back in front of me.Hey You, yeah you are the exception to my “be nice to other drivers” rule. You deserve the middle finger. Guess what, I too don’t want to spend an eternity in a line of cars at the HS, but it’s unavoidable unless you get to the school super early or super late. Deal with it, take a breath and MOVE ON.  It is what it is.

10- This weekend…. hell, I’m still so fired up reliving the jerk-face mom incident that I can’t even remember what we are doing this weekend. Ha.


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