Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

– Not that any of you care, but I started this blog post like 5 months ago and today I am just going to finish. I got the idea from one of the other blogs that I read, and then my FAV blog of all time did hers this week, so I am just going to finish mine.

1-39 Random Facts about me- because.. well I’m almost 39 and I am finding that a tough pill to swallow.

2- Until I met my husband I hated feet. My feet, other feet, feet in pictures, feet in movies. But then one day he rubbed my feet. Now I still hate feet, but am not opposed to having mine rubbed!

3-I have an addictive personality. I just broke my sugar addiction, it was hard. But if I start a book, I have to read it until it is over….Forsaking the rest of my life until then. Same with any TV series. Like I watched all of The Walking Dead in a matter of a week. No, no one had any clean clothes or dishes to eat off, but what ever… that stuff is over rated, there were Zombies to be killed and prisons to overtake and well… anyway..

4- I really never wore very much make up until recently.  Granted I always had lipstick on… but my sister can attest to the fact that we were raised that way. I really only wore lipstick, eyeliner, mascara.

5- If I could move to a place it would be Boise, Id. or maybe Bend, OR.

6- I am a sucker for animals. Pretty sure if I hadn’t married my husband I would have like 4 dogs. 4 big dogs. Maybe a horse and a rabbit and a guinea pig and anything else that needed rescuing. Thankfully my husband has common sense and would never let me rescue all those things…

7- I loathe horror and slapstick movies. Hands down, not going to watch them. Ever.

8-I’m opinionated, to a fault sometimes.

9- When I was younger, I wanted to work as an entertainer at a theme park. You know, those people that walk around singing, or sing cover hits in an amphitheater.. yea, I had lofty aspirations.

10- I spent three years of High School in Germany. Hands down the BEST.TIME.EVER. Yeah, college was awesome. But there is something about being a military kid in Germany, in high school, that just… I’m not sure there are words.

11-Because I am a military kid I get the three year itch.  Sounds like a drug or something, but if you are a military kid. You get it.

12-I don’t drink soda. Every once and awhile I will crave a Dr. Pepper. But there is no soda in my house. (well except I treated my kids this week to the very little cans of soda for their lunch. Totally a surprise as they are usually stuck with Gatorade or juice)

13- I am terrified of fireworks. So the 4th of July is not my favorite holiday. Matter of fact the further away from fireworks I can get the better.

14- Practical jokes annoy me. Teasing annoys me. It’s not funny to watch, nor is it funny to have happen to you.

15- Ever since the birth of my little EVERYTHING makes me cry. Like THIS or THIS and THIS.

16- I love boy bands. I will spend hours watching boy band video’s on YouTube. Everything from NKOTB to BIIM to New Edition to Backstreet and  NSYNC. Yup, I love them all-

17- Entitlement is one of those things I am overly opinionated about. DRIVES ME CRAZY.

18- My favorite quote:” Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. I’m not sure to whom it actually belongs, but I heard it from Tim Tebow.


19- I always wear black. I don’t know why, other than it always matches. Jeans.. slacks.. skirts.. I almost always have black on top.

20- I try to pack my kids lunch… and I like to switch it up.. I always ate hot lunch, unless I wanted to make it myself, so I like to make them lunch and have them surprised at lunch time. I think they really think I am crazy and are so hungry at lunch time they could careless what I packed them, but I like to pretend the are just  gushing at what an AWESOME mom they have- that packs, like, the best lunch ever. I can dream right?

21-6 years of no smoking… and sometimes I still reach for my cigarettes in the car.

22-I will load the dishwasher all day long.. but unloading it.. ugh. It’s my least favorite chore. Same with laundry. I will haul it all down stairs, wash, dry, and fold.. but put it away… yuck.

23-I went to college  majoring in Political Science with a minor in English. I wanted to write for a political magazine, like Newsweek, or US News and World report. Yeah… ummm… that didn’t happen.

24- I don’t eat anything off a bone. Gross. I’m cringing as I type.

25- I’m working on being more forgiving. I know I am not perfect.. so I am sure other people have to forgive me. So I should be more forgiving. Even though some times that really opinionated side of me wins out, I am still trying.

26- Right after Halloween I enter what I call the Holiday funk. Every year hands down… funk.

27-As a kid I had to drink one glass of milk with dinner, I’m sure it was good for me…But since I’ve become an adult, I haven’t had a glass of milk. Nor will I.

28- I am a mom.That is my NO. 1 job. I don’t live for my kids. But I do try to give them all the opportunities they could ask for. I still have dreams of my own and I am trying to achieve them. But sometimes, I put my dreams down for a day or a week to help them reach theirs. Even if they fail… I just want them to try. Some people think that makes me a bad mom…whatever.

29- I wanted to be a high diver. But then I remember I am afraid of heights.

30- I sleep with a heating pad. I have to be toasty and the room has to be cold for me to sleep. The other day, my heating pad wouldn’t turn on, and I panicked. FREAKED. My husband laughed, and said we’s save some money on our electric bill. But then it came one, whew.. close one.

31-I have a pen fetish. I love pens. When I had said career the one way I would brighten my day was to buy new pens, and then bring them to the office.

32- My feelings are hurt easily.

33-The hardest year of my life, so far, was the first year it was just me, the big, and the middle living alone. I went to bed with them.

34- All of them. Well almost all of them.

35-My freshman year of college I wore clogs all the time, today- as I type this I am still wearing clogs, but not the same ones.

36- I always wanted to have a basketball team or a hockey team of kids. I fell a little short.

37-For most of my 20’s I used the word, word….. all.the.time.

38- I’m not really good at anything… but I’m ok at a lot of things. Good or bad? Sometimes it makes me sad because I would really like to kick ass at something.

39-I proved(proven?) an adage to be true: You know the” if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you”.. blah blah blah… I’m married to my set it free.  Boom, life is good-


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