Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I finally got  my screen back to the correct size. This calls for an AMEN. Seriously…

2- Last weekend, we had a second party for the little. Dave and Busters kicks the behind of Chuck E Cheese ANY day of the week. It was SO much better but it was a little more expensive and not as conveniently located.

3- These made an appearance at said party:

bday (1 of 1)-2

4- The thing about short hair is that it is a constantly evolving hairstyle. I’m telling you, totally different from the way it looked just last week.

5-So have I mentioned to you that the big is part of a glee like, singing and dancing thingy. Yes.. really, he is. So his group is gearing up for an actual show choir competition in Branson MO over spring break. The had a very informal concert this last week. I was kinda wishy washy about going to it… But I am so glad I did. It was freaking awesome! Of course in the middle of it I had a huge meltdown when I suddenly realized that the big.. well, is big. He’s not a little boy anymore. Yup, I was the sniffing parent at the concert if you were there. So embarrassing.

6- So I made THESE for the hubby for breakfast. I’ve been trying to feed him really “clean” food to help him shed a few pounds and feel a little more healthy overall. I thought they were GROSS, but he seemed to like them. Could be that I really don’t like eggs…

7- Can someone please explain to me why I can’t make the switch to greek yogurt? I try, but literally gag when I open the container.

8-Can’t get enough of THIS.   Yep, I did just push play again.

9- So since the Oscars I liked Ellen on FB, which then lead me to Jared Leto, then to Justin Timberlake, One Republic.. on and on and on and suddenly I liked, like way to many stars/bands/entertainers. It was a like frenzy.

10-Can we talk for a second about roasted and salted Almonds. CAN’T STOP.

11- So I have like 15 days to lose 10 pounds before Florida… be prepared for more “today’s run brought to you by” FB posts.

12- This weekend… hummmm I honestly don’t know. How odd…


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