Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1-I LOVE this picture and I am not sure why? It’s grainy, it’s out of focus..but I still love it.


2- So, the thing about my mouse now that it is being used with a Mac.. the little roller thingy, you know the roller thingy on the top of the mouse, it works backwards now. Seriously, so I am re-teaching myself how to use the roller thingy on my mouse. I know, so small and yet I am whining about it. Imagine living with me…

3-Last week I came to the realization that my favorite part of the day is right after I drop the little off at school and I get back in the car to silence.. until I turn the radio on to something I want to listen to. Not the same song over and over again by the little, or the same song over and over again, with all the bass turned up by the big, or really.. the same Taylor Swift album over and over by the middle. Yup, I love those few minutes on the drive home.

4- Panino’s is dead to me. Don’t ask, just know that it is dead to me and I already miss it. It’s been two weeks. Can someone please go get me an order of breadsticks and a Turkey Ranch panino.

5-So this happen yesterday on my new Mac.Photo on 3-12-14 at 6.33 PMoh and this…Photo on 3-12-14 at 6.32 PM #3

6- So the little has this awful cough. It’s like he’s drowning in what ever is living in his lungs, so he’s been playing hooky from school and swim lessons. Tuesday I took him to the “biggest toy store ever” where we spent the better part of 2 hours perusing every thing, in every aisle. Yeah.. it was a long 2 hours.

7- The big told me THESE made me look desperate. Yes, he is a total jerk face, but he told me he only tells me things like that for my own good. I’m tempted to post the photo above to his FB page.

8-Will Game of Thrones EVER START AGAIN? Please? ( although on a side note Scandal is FREAKING AWESOME)

9-Since we are talking TV- fine I’ll address it… 24. Yes I said 24… it’s coming back. Am I excited or concerned it will be lame and forever taint my memories of Jack Bauer? A little of both I think.



10- A friend of mine recently posted that she is over planning dinners. I have to second that. I’m over it. And now that the husband works in the basement, I am also over planning breakfast and lunch. I’m over planning for, shopping for, cooking for, maybe even eating all of the above. Is it too early to make one of the the above pictured?

11- This weekend. Guess what starts, yup LAX for the hubby, lax for the middle… so pretty much Lax.


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