Thursday’s Thoughts… on Saturday-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am still learning all the in’s and out’s of my mac…

2- The thing about traveling on the day you normally write a blog.. you just don’t do it. Oops.

3- VACATION.WAS.AWESOME. Blog post full of pictures to follow… here’s a little sneak peak



4- I did however get some sort of cold two days before I left… that 10 days ago, and I’m still battling it. I can tell you there is nothing like a 3 hour airplane ride with a 4 year old when you feel like death. But I smiled and powered through, despite not really having a voice for 5 days… and coughing for what seemed like FOREVER.

5-So we went to Universal Sutdios. I’ll admit I was a little worried about taking the little there… but he LOVED it. Despite both of us coughing through it, it was super fun. I can tell you I am so glad that I bit the bullet and paid a little extra to stay on the property and get the fast passes. Totally worth it!


6- Can some one please tell me what the fascination with all the 3-D motion rides is? I loathe them. The longest ride we waited for (about 30 min’s) was the Harry Potter ride that is housed in hogwarts. I’ll tell you it is pretty cool the way they have you wind around and at new each corner there is something … talking pictures, dumbledors office.. but what isn’t cool, the ride it’s self. Well, the middle loved it, I just shut my eyes the entire time for fear of getting super motion sick. You’re moving, the screen in front of you is moving- I totally had sensory overload. Give me a good old fashioned roller coaster like this- the big and I rode this.. like second ride. Totally awesome.


7- So.. a little demo happened at home while we were gone. Yea! This use to be a super small little pantry with a desk type thingy next to it with over head cabinets. Now, boom SUPER PANTRY! Can’t wait for it to be done!


8-  So I have this weird thing going on.. like.. I feel totally weird if I wear my dansko with with socks.. but some random color of sock and I’m ok? What is up with that?

9- Fine, I’ll let you in on my secret… I kinda want to move to FL. The thing is… you go there to visit and it is green, and warm, and beautiful. Then you come home to .. yellow/brown… dead trees.. dead grass… cold and it’s such a reality slap in the face. Like welcome back to the grind… If only I could get the public education my kids get here.. there….

10-So.. I just spent $95.00 on “gear” so the little can play soccer. What the what the? He’s 4… and he needs 95 dollars worth of gear. Sad.

11- So the big is in Branson at a singing and dancing thingy… In case you want to see him in action.. CLICK HERE altho that one really doesn’t show dancing.. maybe next week I will put one with more dancing,

12- This week.. the middle turns 13, where does the time go?


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