Thursday’s Thoughts:

Here’s the truth:

1- The middle turned 13 today. yup.. in case you missed it, HERE is the video I made her.

2- When I took her lunch and cupcakes this happened..



Apparently whatever was in the zippy bag was delicious.

3- So last night for dinner I may have had oatmeal cookie dough..

4- A friend posted THIS on FB yesterday. I.LOVE.IT.

5- I have broken EVERY nail in some weird place… and despite massive amounts of filing.. the cracks keep catching on things. So annoying.

6- Almost as annoying as this tunnel I have been living in since the onset of said head cold. (I so want to put a hashtag here).

7- Can we spend a minuted talking about my hands. Since when do hands age? I have been applying every type of age defying face cream for the better part of 10 years now… but no one said anything about my hands. Do I need age defying hand cream? Do people look at my hands and get as freaked out as I do about how old they look? I know, this is not a “real” situation, but the more I look at them, the more concerned I get.

8-I left my camera charge in FL. I have been using my camera sparingly as I have NEVER let it run out of juice and not had a way to re-charge it. I’m telling you, I am surprised I didn’t leave a kid there as scatter brained as I was. Dayquil makes you feel better while living in the cloud it places you in.

9-I can’t get enough of this- I would eat it every meal-



10- This weekend… mini road trip, Steamboat Springs here we come!


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