Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am almost ready to launch my new….. project. It totally makes me nervous and I have the pukey feeling anytime I think about it.

2- I am STILL freaking sick/ill/cold/something… Still living in a  haze of some sort of anything that offers “feel better”.

3- Because of said cold I have not been able to run… all those wonderful numbers that were on the downward slide… they are climbing back up. Gross. Please phlegm, LEAVE MY CHEST.

4- I do have a serious question that has been bugging me for a while now.  And the most ridiculous thing about what I am going to  type is the situation is so “high school”, yes I just said “high school” because really, there is no better explanation than that. Backstory: you were friends with some one… seemingly close friends… and they hurt your feelings, but you just moved on… hurt feelings and all, until they really hurt your feelings, and then voted you off the island abruptly with out telling you why. So now with really hurt feelings you chalk up the friendship to over, not knowing what you did, or how to even address the situation, and close that door. However, being the cliquish little bubble that is the area you live in you see that person. Frequently. At the store, school, sports, you name it. Do you:

A) Ignore said “old friend”- I mean come on they hurt your feeling and then gave you the boot with out even looking back-

B) Pretend to not even see them.

C) Smile, murmur hi, and then run for the nearest exit.

Seriously, I am at a loss here. I have ALWAYS taken the high ground my whole life, but I don’t know in this situation. How do you handle that? I mean after spending hours wondering what you did wrong, and mulling over well maybe when I didn’t do this, or maybe if I had done this…. does that person really deserve the higher ground? Ugh. I know. So HighSchool. Please- help me.

5-So, when I opted for the HUGE pantry… I failed to notice that the one and only junk drawer I have is now gone. Might not have thought that through.

6- I have been uploading all my CD’s- I have found this is taking longer than I had initially thought, and, well, that is because once I’ve uploaded them I tend to, well I mean I just HAVE to listen to one or two, or five of the songs. And then I forget to eject the disc and put a new on in. I think I have hit the old school Country box.. what do you think?photo


7- So we spent last weekend in Steamboat Springs. Let me tell you… If we were made of money, and could live in the place we stayed, I’d move there tomorrow. So.AWESOME.

8-Out of desperation I just pilfered one of the big’s Allegra allergy pills … perhaps it’s allergies I’m suffering from?

9- I know if I attempted to make THIS I would fail… is there anyone out there who might make it for me? I think my main problem is I love cheese. I might eat all the cheese before I actually make the sandwich?

10- This weekend.. well let me tell you, and I fully expect a pity party from you all, unless you have more than 4 kids and then I will totally throw a pity party for you. My husband it coaching a LAX team. He’s an awesome coach, I once heard him described as a man born to coach, but for the first time we have no (ZERO) kids on his team. So with the big playing LAX, the middle playing LAX, the little playing soccer, and the Hubby coaching LAX.. well this weekend we have 5 games. 6 if you count the one on Sunday for the Hubby. The good news… the little, middle, and hubby are all at the same place. So it’s just a matter of running from field to field. sorry Big- I’m going to miss your game:(  Back to it, this weekend… SPORTS! Boom. (Please let it be warm and not raining)

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts-

  1. i think that it’s time that you went to the doctor young lady!! enough is enough.

    i will answer your “high school” question differently depending on if it’s you or cullen that you are talking about. can’t really tell which it is.

    i want to move to steamboat too! but even more…a beach. any beach.

  2. Easy easy days….

    1. you can easily make that sammich… just be patient and take you time. there is very that once you actually set out to do, that you don’t.

    2. As for the “High School” thing… Take a listen to “High School Never Ends” by Bowling for Soup.
    a. It will make you laugh if you listen to the words, because it rings true.
    b. From one of the most cynical/bitter people you know… Kill them by being as nice to them as you can. Go out of your way to be pleasant to them.

    3. That is all.

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