Devon and her men-

Here’s the truth:

Babies still scare me.  Ever since my the “newborn” attempt, really anyone under the age of 2 scares me.

Here’s the truth:

This little man was determined not to smile at me, but that’s ok, when you are as cute as he is.. smiling is over rated!

Devon2-1 devon6bw-1 devon9-1 devon11-1 devon14-1

devon28-1 devon22-1 devon26-1 devon19bw-1 devon7-1


Here’s the truth:

I loved every second I spent with this beautiful family, and my favorite shot of the whole session was one I haphazardly took as we were leaving-

devon33-1 devon34-1

Here’s the truth:

Hey Devon..

Best of luck to you, Tim, and Jack as you start a new chapter!


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