Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I kinda want to change the font of my blog, but for some reason I can’t. That annoys me.

2- Today I had a total parent fail. A song came on the radio and the little was totally jamming out to it. When it ended he asked me to get it on my phone. So I pull up youtube, locate the song and bam, happy little in the back seat. Well…. little did I know the video was not edited. So over and over again the F bomb was sung. No really… don’t believe me, have a LISTEN. I do still love the song.. but umm… need to buy the clean version for the little.

3-Speaking of the little… someone may have had his first soccer game.


This next one makes me laugh so hard.. his little checks are so big they bounce when he runs….


4- So.. I may have done NO preparation for Easter. Like I have nothing but empty baskets…

5- Oh I’m lying to you, we dyed eggs last night. Nothing like the smell of vinegar and farts in your fridge. Never mind that my thumb and first finger on both hands are totally dyed too.

6- My truck is dangerously close to hitting 100k miles. I have never owned a vehicle long enough to put 100k miles on it. Really.. I feel like I just bought that truck yesterday, or 10 years ago, man times flies. Anyway, that makes me have, like, total new car fever. Alas, I don’t NEED a new car I just WANT a new car.

7- So this week I actually clicked on a majority of the links that appeared in my news feed in FB. I thought, heck, people share these so maybe I should read them. The things I learned:

a) dogs reuniting with their solider, after they have been deployed, makes me bawl. Like a baby…

b) I can get sucked into a blog faster than you can imagine.

c) funny cat videos don’t make me laugh.

8- For those of you that didn’t click on THIS link- you should.

9- The little and I have a date tomorrow to see THIS. Please Disney… don’t let anything die or I will bawl.

10- So, ummmm, yeah… here it is… the new… well… I mean… ok, so take a look let me know what you think-

Katie Marie Seniors

11- This weekend… well you know-Lax, Lax, Lax, Soccer and The Easter Bunny is hopefully coming!



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