Thursday’s thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I skipped last week and well.. that was because I was in this horrible awful funk and I had nothing nice to say. And really who wants to read a bunch of ranting about well… life. Guess what, this week, I am still kinda in that funk. So here’s what I am going to do. I am going to share a bunch of links that made me smile over the past few days because sometimes, it’s nice to read about someone else’s life- or the awesomeness of nature- So click on them, don’t click on them, but I liked them.

2-You know why THIS made me smile, because no matter what, it is the simple things, like dancing with your kids, other peoples kids, and loving every second- and you know what… read the post right before it too, better yet, pull up a chair and start at the beginning. You want awesome, well this mom, heck this FAMILY, is awesome.

3- THIS Facebook status update by one of my friends- it’s long… read it..

A story from my life…

Today as many of you know I checked into a cancer center to begin liquid iron injections. Most of you will remember that I had some health issues going back to last July and they have not gone away. I take three iron pills a day and when I stop taking them within 72 hours no iron can be found in my body. I don’t have cancer however every time I go for a test with my primary, gastro, hemoglobin guy, or any kind of a doctor they’re always looking or testing for it. I’m glad I don’t have it but I hate the fact that they keep looking for it. I walked into the room at the cancer center and I had no idea what to expect. There were 8 recliner chairs with sheets on them and five elderly gentlemen getting chemo. I had to stop for a second and compose my thoughts because I was not ready for that. As I was the youngest person in there by 30 years I was of course the center of attention. Well maybe I wasn’t but knowing me I quickly made me the center of attention. They began the transfusion on me and I sat back and began to listen to the conversations going around the room. I will tell you that there is an overall heavy feeling and sadness in a cancer center. The closest man to me was an old black black man who wasn’t that well spoken but he seemed kind and I listened to his story. I really don’t know how old he was as I will tell you that I have always found it hard to tell how old black people were. He began telling two of us that he had a Southern meal called smothered chicken being made at home and he was excited to eat it. We inquired what it was and he told us he was very poor and grew up poor and smothered chicken was basically a very filling meal for cheap that he had been eating since his mom made it for him. I could tell by looking at the man that he didn’t have much and he looked as though life had been a tough one. He made several references to being poor and I was sad for him. At one point he leaned up in the chair and put his face in his hands. I almost lost it. I asked him what he was serving with the smothered chicken and he quickly replied he was having okra. Sine my wife is from Louisiana I asked him if he was having fried okra. He replied no and this is where the conversation took a turn for the worse for me. He told me he wasn’t going to fry it because that costs money. How poor could you be that you can’t afford to fry okra I thought to myself? I knew Captain Corey needed to interject. To be that poor and to be treated for cancer seemed a little to much. I told him I married a Southern woman and I don’t let her eat friend okra either. He seemed confused by the word “allow” so I followed it by saying I was trying to save the world from another Southern woman with a fat ass. For those of you that really know me you know with all certainty that I said that. For those of you that don’t really know me I can only tell you that this old black man quickly went through the three phases of “Corey” as I like to call them. The first pause and look over at me was what the hell did he just say. That was followed quickly by the look of this white boy must be crazy. Finally the third phase and my favorite was straight up laughter. The old guy laughed out loud so hard he nearly pulled the needles out of his arm. He had the most amazing smile that had more gums then teeth but there was absolute joy on his face for the next few minutes. If only for a moment he roared like a lion in the jungle and nurses from down the hall came to see what was happening. When he was done he was walking out and came over to shake my hand. We made eye contact and instantly I knew we were friends for life. I don’t know his name yet but I hope I see him next week at treatment. I have been blessed and have no idea what true poverty really is when you can’t afford to fry your okra. I didn’t even know that kind of poverty existed. But today I am proud of me because if even for a few moments I gave the greatest gift you can give anyone…..Laughter.

4-THIS footage of a deadly predator.

5-THIS because the sound of dial up… used to be music to my ears.

7- I.Love.THIS

8-This. Because the little had conceded to sit on it….. dear poop please come out.



9- Speaking of the little, did I mention that he is playing soccer. So game one… half time.. they pass out snacks. They hand the kid with the super weird consistency thing a box of raisins. He looks around, everyone is eating theirs, so he throws one in his mouth and begins chewing. Please know, this whole time I am watching, totally in shock that he has in fact eaten a raisin. Then it happens. The realization that he has been tricked into eating a RAISIN. And the look on his face is priceless. Disgust, surprise, mortification, and finally urgency. How fast can a four year old, on the sly, remove a chewed up raisin from his mouth with out drawing attention to himself. By now I am laughing way to hard, tears streaming down my face and can’t even hold my camera up to photograph the whole thing. Finally he gets the dreaded raisin out, washes down what ever is left with a huge swig of his water and when they come by for “trash” he hands them an entire box of raisins. Game two and three.. he passed on snacks.

10- So really. In the past months I have fallen in love with Fallon. Yup. Lucky for me I am not the only one, see THIS lady loves him too. So I may have just spent the last 45 min’s watching, oh say, everyone of these clips. Yeah, HERE is where I just wasted precious alone time, in which I should be vacuuming, or something, oops.

11- This weekend, really.. need I say it… Lax.




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