Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I CAN NOT BELIEVE that school is out next week. Really? I am not at all ready for summer. I haven’t planned a darn thing.. totally behind.

2- This week on the radio I heard….. not once, but twice… Blinded by the light. And can I tell you that despite having looked up the words about a gazillion times I still fail to remember then when I am singing at the top of my lungs in the car. Guess what song I also heard.. THIS, twice too, and you know I sang it like like the rock star that I am!! It was on the classic rock station; I might have cried a little bit with that.

3- Oh and can we talk about Blake Shelton… I LOVE that he always has people sing songs from his (my) day and age. Nothing like a little Reba and Travis Tritt cover on The Voice.

4- So the one good thing about my everlasting cold is that I can now have a little grit to my voice when I sing, to all my fans, in my car. Ok really the people in my car want me to stop singing. Perhaps I should find a new venue to sing in, like, say, the shower.

5- There is a fish living in this.. and I’m terrified if I change his water I’ll destroy his precious little eco system and he’ll die. Ummm yeah, that sounds good.


6-THIS made me cry. Love their courage. And their accents.

7- The little just said to me, accelerate means you have to go faster. Out of the blue… alrighty then.


9- So a week or so ago, I was driving down the road to my house, when I came up on.. well something. I couldn’t really tell, until I got close enough and realized it was a HUGE snake crossing the road. People tend to drive, say, 45 on this road and I look up and there are three cars coming.They were totally going to squash this poor snake. So I do what any other person would do, I flip a U turn, throw my hazards on and wait for the snake to slither across the road. Seriously, the thing was like 5’3” long. It slithered into a tree on the corner, I thought about ringing the door bell of the house on that corner, just to let them know there is a HUGE snake in their bush. But… I didn’t. I also didn’t get a photo of it…

10- So speaking of wild life, the middle ran into the backyard to get something and left our back door open. When we get home, I am walking in the front door when she screams my name, so I hobble in as fast as I can. Side bar, I pulled my groin muscle, like a few days ago, and it STILL HURTS. Anyway, so I hobble in and turn the corner just to hear her say “there is a bird in the house”, at which point I stop. Ummm.. yeah. I’m not going near the bird in my house. So the big goes to look for it, while I open the back door I just shut… trying to figure out how to get the bird.. out. We slowly begin the search, as the bird is not where the middle said it was, so now we are doubting the existence of said bird. When it suddenly come flying out of the laundry room, I scream, the big screams, the middle runs.. and the bird goes out the back door. Dear middle…next time there is a bird in the house because you left the back door open, you have to go get it.

11- This weekend… State Championship for my hubby and the middle. Denver here we come.




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