Thursday’s thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So I read a FB status update about how someone hated all the 80’s covers on Grey’s the past 4 or 5 episodes. I’ve been LOVING them. THIS. Just this alone, without all the things that were happening during the playing of it on the show, makes me tear up.

2- On a happier note- THIS is awesome. My husband once had an encounter with a baby deer in our garage. As he is telling me the story he makes this totally weird sound mimicking the deer. I gave it to him with a few nods, but I was pretty sure a deer would never make that sound. I stand corrected.

3- I need THIS. Really, need.

4- So the middle has a 4.0 again. The big.. yeah.. ummm… I’m just hoping the middle rubs off on the little and not the big.

5- This…. BREAKS MY HEART. Dear Mother Nature. What have I done to you this year that you won’t just let my lupine live?  Yesterday, for those of you that don’t live here… Yesterday, the little and I were taking a rest, when all the sudden I hear what sounded like a river outside my window. So I pulled the blinds and where I can normally see sky and houses and stuff, all I saw was a dark cloud rolling straight towards me. Then one little hail, then another little hail, then bigger hail, and bigger hail and OMG look at the hail and rain and hail and rain and well.. the rest is history kinda like my phlox and lupine.


6- So, this week I puppy sat. Yeah- pretty sure my husband will leave me if I get another dog. Well, actually day two he started to come around to her, but that could have been the beer I fed him too.

7- The middle and I missed 1 word of THIS. Well, we had to look up the pronunciation/definition of 1 word. Does that put is in the 90%?

8. This book was mentioned in a blog I follow.. So I downloaded it and my goal, now that finals are over and everyone is done with school. I am going to read it. I am going to find the positive. I am going to LIVE the positive. –


9.So I bought the middle tickets for a horribly sad, cry your eyes out,  movie that she just HAS to see. Then I called my mom and told her “Surprise” you get to take the middle to a movie that is 3 hours long, followed by a live streaming Q and A, in PUEBLO, take the tissue. Perks of living close to Frammy.

10- Saw this  this week…Love.


11-This weekend…. NADA.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- ~kml-w

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