Kristeen, Seth, Michael and Garrett-

Here’s the truth: Since I made the decision to focus on High School Seniors I haven’t really taken very many families. Also, for some odd reason I am struggling with everyone being in focus. Somewhat of an occupational hazard.

Here’s the truth: I can’t bring myself to do an entire blog post of just black and whites. But this one is going to be darn close.

kristeen-1-3 kristeen-1-5 kristeen-1-10 kristeen-1-11 kristeen-1-14 kristeen-1-18 kristeen-1-22 kristeen-1-24 kristeen-1-28 kristeen-1-32 kristeen-1-35 kristeen-1-39 kristeen-1-42

1/2  way through little Seth was OVER having his picture taken.. His dad put on “Here comes the sun” and Seth could hardly keep his eyes open… All the sudden I was back with my little, rocking and singing “In my life” to him- man times sure does fly.kristeen-1-46 kristeen-1-48

hands down my favorite-

kristeen-1-56 kristeen-1-59 kristeen-1-66 kristeen-1-68


Here’s the truth:

Again, I smiled the entire time I edited these images. LOVE.

Hey Kristeen, thank you for letting me spend a little time with your men. Thank you for curbing my baby fever. Can’t wait until I get to see you and that little man again!


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