Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- My husband and I, we are addicted to taco night at a local bar. No, seriously…. I will beg, plead, and bribe one of my bigger to hang with the little so we can eat $1 tacos.

2- I’m in some sort of…. would like a drink phase… So I’ve been making drinks in the blender, I had my husband go to the LQ store because I NEEDED a pyramid apricot ale. Please note, I am not binge drinking… Just one daiquiri or one beer, but the point is I am not really a big drinker? Hummmmm- maybe it is the hope that summertime is coming. You know, kinda like Winter is coming on GOT. Speaking of GOT… should I read the books? The fact that they skipped last Sunday almost threw me into a  fit of GOT withdrawal.

3- The big has been listening to THIS– So now the little has been too, which in turn means I have. The first time, cool, the second time, cool, the 112th time, I’m over it.

4-I sold the little’s crib. Being the emotional sap that I am I thought I would be sad. Really  I’m not. Good bye bed that the little really never slept in. Hello, new bed!

5- THIS. So cool!

6- Right now, as I type the the little is singing, na na nana naaaaa, na na na nanaaaaa, nananana-nanana. Please click the link on number 3 if you are confused as to why I am annoyed by this singing.

7-So the passing of Mya Angelou made me sad. I wrote my senior paper on “I know why the caged bird sings”- I might have to go read that book.


She has so many great, powerful quotes… but this one. I love it.

9- So I listed something on free cycle, and it was gone in like a day but now my e-mail is like, OVERFLOWING with other peoples listings and wants. Right now as I type  this, I have 5 new emails. I must figure out how to unsubscribe. Soon.

10- who needs senior pictures, anyone… anyone know anyone……

11- The middle wants us to sign our house up for LOVE IT or LIST IT. What exactly does that say about our house? It needs updating? She’s concerned with my taste in decorating?  Exactly what should I read into this.

11.5 now the little is singing- shoop shoopadoop shoopa a doopadoop a doop.

12- This weekend…. birthday party for the SIL. Good times.


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