Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- so… ummmm. yeah today is Friday. Oops.


3- I think summer is here:




4- So I am totally itching to do something while my husband has some time.  Like Yellowstone, or something.. maybe the tide pools in Cali…Alas, it’s like the old adage coming true- when you have time you seem to have no money, but when you have money you seem to have no time..

5-I made the middle suffer when it came on the radio. and yes, I still know all the words.

Speaking of music.. I can’t get enough of THIS song, the video however.. I could do without.

5.5 I may have just had to google if the young lady  singing above has an eating disorder… thankfully she doesn’t but still, her OH SO SKINNY frame concerns me as a mother… I’m not sure I want either the big or the middle thinking that being bone skinny is sexy/hot/attractive. Really I don’t want them to thing anything is sexy/hot/attractive but that’s a very unrealistic wish so.. I just want them to know that full figured women/men are also beautiful, that really- beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not the public. Anyway, off my soap box now.

6- I just spent 35 minutes watching Jimmy Fallon clips. LOVE.

7- So I started watching True Blood again. Just to finish it off since soon the FINAL season will start. Really…. not a very good show. At least not compared to GoT or Vikings…or Scandal. I was so angry with Scandal this year seemed like they were to busy trying to hide her baby belly and it totally was not really sucking me in like last year, but then the last 5 episodes, ROCKED!

9- I REALLY want to see THIS. Do you think the little is too little? The little wants to see this and I am sure since Megan Fox is in it.. his dad will take him.

10- This weekend..ok really, since the hubby is here all day, and the kids are here all day, and i’m here with them, ALL DAY… life kinda feels like a long string of weekends. Good… or Bad?


One thought on “Thursday’s Thoughts-

  1. i’ve never known anything about Transformers!! It DOES look good (since Marky Mark is in it) 🙂 Are they good or are they bad? I think it looks too scary for Luke but maybe he’s really brave?

    xo Kathy

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