Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So. I’m totally addicted to the world cup. Even now, as I type this- I’m watching the world cup. The year the little was born was a world cup year. It was awesome. The little would wake at 5 AM- I’d throw on the World Cup and get to watch it in real time. Could be that I LOVE soccer. I kinda wish the WC wasn’t every four years. Now don’t get me wrong if I had to pick between a pro soccer game and a Bronco’s game. Well, if you know me, then you know where to find me. But World Cup soccer is a whole different beast. It’s like pride in your country. It’s 90 min’s of action with no commercials. I read a post on FB where someone said soccer was for dirt-floor countries. Sometimes I feel like die-hard fan’s of any sport think they are the only one’s who are allowed to cheer for “their” team and the only good sport is the one they like? Hey people guess what. I.LIKE.SPORTS. So, when the NBA finals are on I root for a team, when the Super Bowl is on.. I root for a team, when the Stanley Cup is on, I.ROOT.FOR.A.TEAM. Doesn’t make me a band wagon jumper. I mean, hell, sometimes I root for teams just because I like their QB, Goalie, Le-freaking-Bron James. I just love sports. Anyway, I don’t know what got me off on that tangent, other than I think it’s sad that some one thinks soccer is for dirt-floor countries when it’s the one sport everyone in the world plays…

2- Today, for the first time EVER, I was scared shitless by a dog. Let me tell you I love animals. I love dogs. Even the “mean” breeds vary rarely scare me, but today…. I made the little cry; I used my super mean mom voice at the Humane Society. We are there, with the two  not kittens, but not cats that have been living in our back yard.  I finally was able to coax the shy one out and we took them somewhere they wouldn’t get eaten by coyotes, or other cats, or my dog. So the little was on the floor petting them through holes in the laundry basket we had them in when out of the corner of my eye I catch the door next to me open and I see the biggest pit bull I have ever seen, and then I see the owner look at my kid and then look at his dog, and then panic flashed through his eyes, and I yelled.  And when I say big, I don’t mean tall, I mean one HUGE muscle of a dog. He was so beautiful. But he was mean. His owner and he sat away from us thankfully. But man, he was a scary dog. I have never, ever, in my life held a dog to his reputation. I think everything is kind and loving. I give everything the benefit of the doubt, but as the owner and the dog were sitting there, an employee brought him over a leash to exchange for his own and the dog let out a low growl. I think all my hairs stood on end. Then another lady walked out the administration door and he didn’t even pretend to low growl he let out the serious growl. I was sad for the dog. He had to be scared, and soon he was going to be alone…. I can’t imagine working there. I would go home and cry every night. Here’s our little kitty that Luke didn’t want to leave….zoo (1 of 1)-3

3- I just made 1/2 a batch of white chocolate chip cookies… the hubby and the little just ate them. all.

4- This week we spent 7 hours at the Denver Zoo- yes, I said 7.HOURS. Needless to say the little slept for 12 full hours that night.

zoo (1 of 1)-2 zoo (1 of 1)

5- I have the itch. The go somewhere, do something itch. My husband would like me to have the clean the house, finish the laundry itch,  but no. I wanna go somewhere… do something. But I can’t think of anything I realllllyyyy want to do. Suggestions??

6- I wonder at what point I teach the little the true names of anatomy. He’s pretty sure ladies have a “hair pee pee” and men don’t. He totally caught his aunt off guard with that one. He also asked me the other day if my husband came from my belly like he, and his brother and his sister.

7-Remember the pull apart white pizza bread? I made it. SO GOOD.

8- I am already suffering from GoT withdrawal. I may have to just read the books. I just want to to know NOW. and where the heck is The Newsroom. Did they cancel it?

9- Side note about soccer…. I hate the drama. The rolling around and clutching what ever body part you think might have been nicked in hopes of drawing the penalty. I’m over that.

10-Side Side note about the World Cup, what on earth do all these people at the world cup do for a living that they can afford to go there? Seriously when I found out  it was going to be in Brazil I was SO excited. I was going.. then I looked at the price of airfare, hotel, and tix’s I would have had to rob a bank or max out all my cards. Ok fine, I only have one credit card but I would have had to max it out.

11- I’m not even going to address this weekend because… well.. I’ve got nada.

11.5 – I miss the little kittens…


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