Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I have time on my hands and ZERO drive to do anything. Seriously, the garage is screaming at me to clean it… but, no. Instead I think I will read 100 blogs about, cooking, accepting yourself for who you are, photography, teenagers, you name it.

2- I’ve been trying to “run” more. For some reason I am like totally hooked on running to the 80’s- Country. Really, like I tried running to Sublime, 90’s summer time hits, right now radio, but I always go back to the country. When I round the corner to home, it is this HUGE hill and by the time I get to the top of it I am totally winded and for the last 3 times out right as I get to the top “Islands in the Stream” comes on and for some odd reason I feel totally inclined to sing it, out loud, while I’m gasping for breath. Today, at Dolly’s solo I was passing a house and I happened to notice.. yep, they were out front, doing lawn work, and I’m sweaty, belting out Islands in the stream. Yup.. bet you wish you lived in my hood.

3-Weekend selfie. I read this blog that once you hit 30 you should NOT take any selfies… I have to disagree. Almost all the pictures I have with my kids are selfies…and my husband.





4-My husband just got home from riding his bike, he double dog dared the little to sniff his arm pitt… so now the little is running around asking us all to smell his arm pitt-

5- So I’ve read all these articles about teenagers having a different “clock” than, say, an adult.  Something about a circadian rhythm. Like they are wired to sleep until 11:00 am and stay up super late. I am struggling with this. As a parent, who wants to just tidy up the house first thing in the AM so it’s clean for the rest of the day, I want to BUST into my big’s room, throw open the blinds  and sing the “Good Morning to You” song. But, as a “once teenager” I just want to let him sleep,because I get it. Waking up early to clean… sucks! Also reason 2 to let him sleep is so when he does wake up, he’s not a teen-ager monster. Grumping around about getting up and work and life and there’s no food in this house, and he has no clean underwear….It’s almost like I have a baby again, you know the saying- “never wake a sleeping baby”

6- I read THIS this morning, and I can’t figure out if this lady is serious or if this is suppose to be satire?

7- I am suppose to be reading the E2 book… but instead every time I pick up my Kindle I find myself watching True Blood. I am finally caught up and ready for this season, but EVERYONE says it sucks. Ugh. Should have read the book.

8-So, can we talk for a second about meals. I’m over them. I am over shopping for them, making them, cleaning up after them. Done. And when I say meals, I mean breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of them. Done.

9- I am going to say something here, and well…some of you may think me crazy.. but I really want another tattoo. Really. I do. But I can’t think of what I want, or where I want it so… for now we can just put it on my want list. Right next to new puppy.

10- Summer time… and the livin’s eaaaasssyyyyyy-

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