Andrea, Ash and Trev + Steve, Amanda and Jamie

Here’s the truth:

I edited these faster than I have ever edited a session, ever. That’s because someone is leaving for college…and I wanted to get them done.

Here’s the truth:

I noticed while I was editing these that I still struggle with more than 4 people. Seriously.. struggle. Is everyone at the right level, is everyone looking at me….am I at the right level. Struggle.

Here’s the truth:

But sometimes, I get it right. ar (1 of 1)-5

Ash and her Bff .

ar (1 of 1)-8

ar (1 of 1)-9

ar (1 of 1)-16ar (1 of 1)-14

This family had me laughing to the point that sometimes I forgot all the setting on my camera…

ar (1 of 1)-26ar (1 of 1)-27

ar (1 of 1)-28ar (1 of 1)-68

ar (1 of 1)-37

ar (1 of 1)-56

My fav- ❤ – I love that these ladies got to share a state championship before Amanda leaves for college.

ar (1 of 1)-29or maybe this one-

ar (1 of 1)-51ar (1 of 1)-64

Here’s the truth:

Hey Burke-Riley Family – thank you. Thank you for making me laugh, for putting up with my constant rearranging, but most of all for being beautiful, inside and out.

ar (1 of 1)-60


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