Saturday’s..ummm.. ahhh… alliteration is failing me now.

Here’s the truth:

1- I’ve skipped the last two thursday’s because, well… life. Life has been happening.

2-The rodeo is in town-

rlr (1 of 1)-2

rlr (1 of 1)-3


rlr (1 of 1)-4

Ready for some mutton busting-

rlr (1 of 1)-5The end to mutton bustin’

rlr (1 of 1)He lasted all of 2.1 seconds.

rlr (1 of 1)-6 rlr (1 of 1)-7This “mutton” is a little more his speed!

2- So I saw this post on FB a picture of Steve Spielberg in front of a “shot and killed by him” triceratops. And then I started reading all the outrage of people and I had to think to myself, are these people serious? And here’s what is sad.. they were serious. Like they ACTUALLY thought he shot and killed it? A DINOSAUR. I am still shaking my head at the absurdity of it.

3-Today, for the first time since the little learned how to use the potty I almost had a “seat not down” incident. Needless to say, I think he will always put the seat down now.

4-My husband clipped some of the wild roses we have growing in our back yard, and when I say some I mean a pile 5 foot long and 3 feet tall, then he just forgot about them, so today when I mowed the lawn I just mowed around them. Bad or good wife?  I say good for mowing in the first place.

5- So I took the bitchy test that is floating around Facebook.. 67%. My family thinks it’s a faulty result. Maybe…..

6- My favorite blogger let out this week that she is pregnant. Can we stop for a second and can I tell you… embarrassingly, that I don’t know the woman, I’ve never met her, have no idea really what she looks like. I mean I totally wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowd, but when I saw her blog post, I almost cried. Like, so happy for her. Is there something wrong with me?

7-This week the big and little and I were at a LAX tourney for the big. It was, like, melting hot in Denver. I have about 20 new tan lines. The little and I spent an impromptu night at a hotel. There’s something to be said for an impromptu  hotel adventure with your 4 year old. The mom that I am I had 3 outfits for him in the car.. none for me. So we hit target, where I got a new dress for 12.99, and I lived like a pioneer woman washing out my “unmentionables” in the hotel sink- toothbrush from the front desk, thankfully I cut all my hair off so really, I just washed it, and we were off the next morning. But really the point of this story is the big said something to me, and it kind of annoyed me, so when I opened the door for the little to get out of the car I let out an exasperated breath and the little says to me ” what, is braaaa (what he calls the big) being an ass-hole? Straight faced. So, now I have made the effort to clean up my language. Really… I am trying.

8-In case you were wondering, no, no I haven’t resumed cooking any meals, or gone to the store, in like. Forever. I think we have finally run out of refried beans and tortilla shells.

9-Good news, remember last year when THIS happened. It’s about to happen again. So.EXCITED.

10- Tomorrow the end of World Cup Soccer. I will miss it SO much.


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