Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- How is “summer” almost over. I mean, the kids go back in like a month? I want it to be summer FOREVA!!!

2- Right now this is the only kid under my roof- for the next 5 days-Kinda weird having the little solo. wm (1 of 1)3- So remember when I showed you the fish tank. Well I finally got around to cleaning it. Then the fish, like, disappeared. Seriously, for the last 4 days I look and look and look and well.. no fish. So I assumed I had killed it. Today, when I was getting a glass there that little bugger was. Happy to see me and ready for a bit of food. Weird fish. Guess he fits in with the family.

4- THIS brought tears to my eyes- and for those of you that read THIS Facebook post… well you know I am not a fan of baseball.

5- Speaking of tears to my eyes- THIS made me bawl. And then spend a hour petting the pig. That’s what we call her. My little black lab.

6- So I’ve been mowing all summer and YET to see a snake. You know I live for them.  Like, the only reason I mow is: 1- It’s therapeutic and 2- to see my snakes. Today I finally saw 2 sunning themselves in my flowers. I ❤  them.

7-Have you seen THIS? SO. COOL!!!!

8-Downton Abbey- No really. Dear Season 5, please start. I watched season 4 in like 3 days. Couldn’t stop.

9-So for the first time ever…. someone other than family is going to hang with my little… really- Like a bonafide babysitter. Wish her luck. Ha!

10- This. This is what happens when you are the only one home to entertain the little…. and you spend hours coloring. I know. You’re totally impressed by my mad coloring skillz. Yes, I just said skillz.

photo-4 copy

11- I leave you with THIS. The little LOVES it. Odd little man that he is.  Then I just watched THIS… fine, I watched them all. This guy is talented. Weird, but talented.



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