friday’s findings-

Here’s the truth:

1- I might need to watch what the little is watching, just a bit closer, as he just said to me, “hey mom, on Sam and Kat this girl has pointy boobs and Sam said they were like weapons. Isn’t that funny. Pointy boobs.”

2- I might have just made a bowl of oatmeal cookies just to eat the dough. Maybe.

3- When you start your weekend on Sunday- you forget what day it is for like, the entire week.

4- So this happened last weekend. So awesome.

Cheyenne (1 of 1) Cheyenne (1 of 1)-4

5- There was some of this:

Cheyenne (1 of 1)-7

and then some of this:

Cheyenne (1 of 1)-8

more of this:Cheyenne (1 of 1)-9

Then we finally had a little of this when we went into the show to see THIS!!!!

Cheyenne (1 of 1)-10

6- So I might have suddenly wanted to by like 100 pairs of cowboy boots while we were at Frontier Days.No really. Then I saw the price. Needless to say I left Cheyenne with no boots and no hat.

7- Speaking of music- I can’t get enough of THIS. Really the whole album. It’s like each track is so different.. but the same… but different… but fine, I’m like a little school girl with a huge school girl crush.

8- I am going to make THESE next week. Yup.

9- Spent the better part of this week in pools- so awesome.luke (1 of 1)-11

10- This week, the little.. has just been a singing machine. I ❤ it. Everything from Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift. I swear, if it comes on the radio he sings along. Love.Love.Love.

11- Since the hubby has a little down time guess what is up and running- AHHHHH so excited to drive it!


12- This weekend.. nada!


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