lanny, van, sam, beau and carrie-

Here’s the truth:

Families. I’m starting to love them. Altho I have to admit my FAV pics from this session are the boys, individually. So handsome.

Here’s the truth:

LOVE. THIS.FAMILY. ch (1 of 1)-25

ch (1 of 1)-30

ch (1 of 1)-38

So it was totally raining the whole time. It would like mist, then rain, then mist then rain…

ch (1 of 1)-37

ch (1 of 1)-49


ch (1 of 1)-53ch (1 of 1)-41

So I have the most pictures of this little man. He was all about finding the “perfect” location, add in the perfect pose and BOOM. He was making some magic with my camera.

ch (1 of 1)-14ch (1 of 1)-31

ch (1 of 1)-16Hands down. MY FAV. ❤ That one. Right above. LOVE.

ch (1 of 1)-10

ch (1 of 1)-56

Hey Hogaboom family, thank you! Thank you for being ok in the rain, for sitting in a field that the native deer are sure is their bathroom, and for yelling SLURPEE!

ch (1 of 1)-6


Here’s a little real life shot, when the 4 year old is contemplating if he wants to cooperate, the 14 year old breaks out the cell phone…

ch (1 of 1)-3

One thought on “lanny, van, sam, beau and carrie-

  1. another great batch of pics. it’s wild that you find so many poor families who also don’t have feet! it’s an epidemic!! 🙂

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