Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I will miss lazy summer mornings, like this:

ljw (1 of 1)

2- I skipped last week because, well.. I had written a true to the word “blog”post. You know like, full of words and thoughts and well, a lot of babbling on my part. It was is all about  being “that” parent and how maybe I am, but then maybe I am not. And is it bad to be that parent? but then I didn’t have the courage to post it.

3- THIS.

4- Can I complain for just a second, oh I can, thanks-  This year the little is going to Pre-K in the afternoon. Ugh. It’s like….SO.ANNOYING. Here’s why; the middle, she get’s out of school at 2:40, but you really have to be in line by 2:30 or you might as well just plan on waiting until 2:55 to pick her up. The big, he’s out of school at 3:00- but depending on his after school activities may or may not be ready for pickup at 3:00- the little he’s done at 3:30. Sooo…let’s just look at this>I drop the little off at 12:30- then I am leaving the house at 2:25 to grab the middle, only to wait until 3:00 to grab the big, so now the question is…  Do I take them home and then run over to the pre-school to pick up the little or do we all just sit in the car for 25ish minutes? Hummmm,  And in the real world what can I get done in 2 hours? Not enough time for say, a Dr. Appointment, but enough time to grocery shop for the week but not enough time to grocery shop and put it away, unless I make the middle wait for me in the library, but the problem with that.. NO service in the library so when I get there to finally pick her up, she has no idea and now I am mad that I am just sitting outside the Jr. High… it’s a vicious circle.  See the the #firstworldproblems of my life? I know. I should just stop complaining now.

5- Beef Jerky, why is it so good and so bad, all at the same time??

6-So, I’ve started running, again, because after 4 years I have finally scheduled some family photos. I am actually excited. The husband.. not so much….

7- There is something wrong with me. I can’t stop eating caprese salad. No really. It’s almost like there is not enough fresh mozz, basil,tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar  in the world for me. What on earth am I deficient in that I am craving that?

8- I’m sure you are dying to know if I’ve starting cooking again. nope.  I almost cringe when anyone asks me what’s for ___________. I need someone to just plan the meals for me with a shopping list. Then I would totally go to the store and make dinner. I just have ZERO drive to plan- well anything for that matter.

9-I just spent the better part of an hour listening to hits from 1993 while reading a blog full of pictures and inspirational thoughts that I wish I had written. Could it be that I am already in the winter funk despite it only being August?

10- This weekend, a little family time and a little camera time. Two things I love.


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