Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am STRUGGLING with getting in a “back to school” groove. No really, I spent the summer getting up at, say…. oh… 8:30- So getting up at 6:15 is almost killing me off. At like 7:00 PM I am done, like a cranky toddler, put me in bed and let me cry myself to sleep.

2- Let’s talk about it…….  Let’s acknowledge that the first week of the #alsicebucketchallenge was awesome. The second week, still kinda cool, as we enter the third week, yes it’s a bit redundant, bucket after bucket being dumped and becoming less and less fun to watch… But guess what. I.DON’T.MIND. No really. Ice bucket away. Waste all that water (and you people complaining of the water waste, ugh- I have NO words for you two words for you SHUT UP. (side, side note: why do people always have to find something to be up in arms about?)) because THIS– Yeah, that, made me cry like a baby. Made me thank God for my healthy family. How about THIS. Yup, that too, made me cry, and I  think if I have to dump ice on my kids heads, and send in a donation to raise money and awareness for a disease that not many people understand, well then that is what we will do. And I made my kids do the research, understand what ALS is and why it is important to not just throw some ice in a bucket because social media told you too, but raise awareness and money for a cause.  THIS article I love it.

3- So, Bruno Mars. Yeah. If you haven’t seen him, you should. Yes, it is a production meant to entertain, yes he is overplayed on the radio, but HELL YES he is mad talented.

4- Photo dump time-

vole-1-2Found this guy in our back yard, yes, we know he needs to go…

vole-1Someone else is pretty sure it needs to go-


You should see the tunnel peyton dug up, if that thing is still in our yard it is scared sh*tless of the dog…

Guess what I found in the front yard- ❤


5- I am so sad that summer is over. I mean, I know that summer isn’t technically over, but, well– you know what I mean.

6- THIS is on the menu tonight. Thank you Paula for the idea of them in layered casserole form.

7- Let’s talk TV. While I am so sad that summer is over I am so ready for Fall TV. FOOTBALL. Ready for Scandal, The Walking Dead, and the last season of Parenthood. And can someone please tell me why my favorite shows always get canceled? Really, Parenthood? Why are you ending?

8- So, I have a confession. I actually thought jack-a-lopes were real. Seriously, my husband might have had a good laugh over that.

9-What is this? Not a pumpkin like I thought.. Not a squash? Not a watermelon… what the heck?boys-1-2 boys-1-3

10- End of summer fun. Love these boys-


11- This weekend- Who knows. I kinda like that!


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