deb, maggie and will-

Here’s the truth:

“I love the sunflowers”, said deb. I heard, sunflowers? sunflowers? they are huge and how do I incorporate them into a family picture without a gaggle of “assistants” to hold my ladder and sun shade and well, sunflowers?…. My husband heard, get out there, try it, stop worrying you won’t get the “perfect” image and just have fun.

Here’s the truth: I these. 30 mins. Well maybe 45 if you count the driving from one place to the next. 30 mins and I love love love these.











Here’s the truth 30 mins, and each image makes my heart sing. Hey deb, maggie, and will… thanks for the constant rearranging, the “will do something different with your hands”, the driving me from point A to point B while I babbled about life when I was in high school. Ahhhh…. suddenly I feel old, but anyway. Thank you guys, I hope you love these as much as I do.

PS- hey will, this is my FAVORITE pictures. no seriously, it is…



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