my middle-

Here’s the truth:

here’s the thing about my middle- i love that:

she’s comfortable in her own skin, no make up, hair in a pony. she knows how she feels about things and is ok voicing them, when the time is right. she will always hang with her little brother, no matter what. she is just as smart as she is beautiful. she knows the definition of hard work and isn’t afraid of it. hearing her play the guitar makes my heart sing. she knows no one is perfect, and sometimes rather than be popular and perfect its more important to be.. happy and drama free. she’s serious and silly at the same time. she’s messy, #1 way to tell she’s mine.

here’s the truth: she rocks.






There may have been some Taylor Swift singing…. somethings about shake it off…


my fav- ❤time-1-31



Hey middle, thanks for putting off your homework for an hour so I could mess around with white balance, ISO and shutter speeds.

XOXO- mom

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