Hello Friday!

Here’s the truth:

1- since the hubby is home with me all day.. I totally lose track of days, add in a three day weekend and suddenly.. I have no idea what day it is. so, i missed Thursday.

2- FOOTBALL. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for that. The weather that comes with it, not so much. i’m not at all ready for fall.


3.5 – oh and THIS. she’s not my favorite, but I’m ok with my middle loving her. She makes smart choices in the public eye, eyes that my middle watches like a hawk. so go ahead lady, shake it off because this, this made me bawl. people are people no matter their status in society. and her response, and this response make me love her just a little more. even if she can’t sing.

4- i’ve been pushing the hubby for a new dog. i’m not getting very far….

5- so i’m trying this pic a day monthly challenge- what i have discovered is that i will take the picture, but getting the card out of the camera, then into the editing software, then out of the software and onto a FB wall is like, well, not happening-here’s day one, morning-


and the runner up.. i love this one…morning-1


6- So the hubby has decided that the big and the middle,along with him, are going to cook one night a week. can we talk about how much i love this. no really. i almost don’t mind doing the dishes, at all, to include unloading the dishwasher because I 1- didn’t have to plan dinner and 2- didn’t have to cook it. yes, a choir of angels just sang over my left shoulder.

7- since this blog post is all about my hubby, lets further discuss the ways i have been touring him (insert wicked laugh here)

8-Upon returning from his mini vacation- (where the little told everyone he was… at a scavenger hunt?) I promptly woke him up, stuffed him in a car and made him drive to the state fair. the dirty, gross, somewhat full of questionable people state fair, where the temp was a balmy 99 degrees. We might have melted, all while the only thing the little wanted to do was “awesome” things. Should I qualify, “awesome things” does NOT include, pet goats, rabbits, sheep, puppies, kittens, pigs, ride the poneys, milk a cow- oh wait that did qualify- play in the water fountain, watch the dog show etc. So there we are, in the sweltering heat, surround by animals (which my hubby really doesn’t like) with a kid that doesn’t want to pet them. Never mind the goat  has now licked the hubby from top to bottom. No really… to include trying to nurse a little milk out of his thumb.  So, we find a beer to share,( only after bathing in the hand sanitizer dispenser) spend 5 dollars at a “carnival game” so the little can win a stuffed shark that he promptly named, sharkey shark? and decided we will never be coming back.

9- Move on to next day. Where I wake him up so we can.. geocache. Guess what we will never be doing again. So we make our way to the state park, we pay way to much money for 3 hours of, well let’s call it what it is, sweating. Get a GPS unit that the middle, bless her heart, can seem to make work. At which point, on our last “cache” the little decides his legs don’t work,  the middle has led us off the beaten path through the brush straight up the bank of a ravine. No, I did not capture the look of my husband, drenched in sweat, avoiding the poison ivy, carrying the little, up the bank of the cliff, and if i did i surely would’t post it here for fear well… instead, here’s a lovely little squirrel gearing up for winter with full cheeks.


9- To get back at me, the hubby took me for a bike ride. he’s been on my case about trying to cycle. that maybe i’d like it, so i conceded to try it. about the 7th peddle into it my bootie hurt. today, i may be standing while i type this. but the good news is that i did enjoy the ride, minus the bootie. i now know why those cycling pants have bootie pads.

10- this weekend…. hello 4 year old soccer. so funny. plus a little impromptu time with a good friend. super excited!


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