Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Two seconds ago, a bird flew into the window next to me, I screamed, the little came dashing in concerned, bird is fine and gone. I am still feeling just a little jumpy.

2- I don’t know why but THIS blog post annoyed the HELL out of me. My kids eat, whatever, and they are not fat, nor are they suffering from some sort of malnutrition. Whatever, I am not going to get on my soap box about this. I am just not.

3-I’ve discovered something that I never really thought to be true, but this week, it’s become VERY clear to me. Some people are selfish.

4- I know, I said no more, but I love this guy.snake-1-2

5-So, no judging when I say this, just celebrate the small things with me, or rather the large! The little, has been sleeping in his bed, in his room. Yes, I said his bed. Yes, he is 4 and yes I know to many it is very unacceptable that he was even in my bed to begin with, whatev’s… let’s move past the disapproving face and just celebrate this HUGE life change for me. However, the dog was quick to take his spot.. two steps forward, one step back.

6- You wanna know how to suddenly have a smile and feel a little less alone in the world, have lunch with someone that “knew you when”. Yep, it was awesome.

7- Can we talk for a second about…. snow? Yuck.Already?

8- I am also beginning to think karma is not ever going to come back around? I am ready for this year to be OVER.

9- This weekend… soccer, lacrosse, lacrosse,  and photo sessions!!!! who hoooo!!

10- THIS. because, never forget. ever.



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