Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So, like everything this week has made me cry.

2- Somehow, while on youtube I ran across this.. and then I suddenly watched this. and yes, I cried.

3- I don’t want to get on my soap box here, at all, and after this blog post two words I will never utter again-Adrian.Peterson. WTF. No really, can I get a larger font size for WTF, and bold and underline. Better yet can I get it in flashing letters. WTF is wrong with you man? I have kids, I understand frustration, I get it. Hell, my sister has 4 boys under one roof (and two girls), you think they don’t fight, and push each other to the ground. Do you think they don’t hit each other, and yell, and reek havoc? Do you think they don’t wrestle each other, despite being asked not to, despite being told to stop, despite being told in a serious military voice to KNOCK IT OFF… but never, NEVER, NEVER (in fucking blinking letters the size of a billboard) would she, or her husband take a “switch” and hit them until they were bloody. I have to say it again, and I am sorry for the language but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you?????? Go away, take all that money you made and get some help. Get some fucking help. I don’t care how you were raised, I don’t care what the situation was, what part of your brain thought it was ok to hit your child until he was bleeding? I mean, hello, I spent three years in the great state of Oklahoma, where the lady who babysat my sister and I, yes, yes she did make you pick your own switch… so try again with your upbringing  bull shit. Not that I ever had to pick a switch. But I watched kids…. and there is nothing ok about it. Maybe this hit so close to home with me because the little is 4, and I can’t imagine ever hitting him. I can’t imagine what I’d do to anyone who hit him.  Anyway. enough.

4- I took a senior session last weekend.. guess what I saw-ey-1-56I am going to get my own TLC or Animal Planet show, katie- snake whisperer.

5-Today, I took the big lunch at school, because I was too lazy to get up and make it for him in the wee hours of the morning, what the heck do girls wear in high school? That is all I am going to say about that, and then just leave it alone.

6- My pumpkins are lame this year. I have two. Yes I said two. Last year I had 14, this year I have two???

7- THIS. awesome. best part is the last 2 minutes.

8- THIS made me bawl.

9- With the hubby at work, yes I said work, (YES!) I am actually missing him. Before he was driving me crazy and now I turn to tell him something and well… it’s not as fun to try to have a conversation with the little about.. well anything.

10- this weekend. lax. soccer. the norm.



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