Chloe and Emmy-

Here’s the truth:

I am slowly getting more comfortable with kids. I finally decided that just following them around and then asking them to look at me once or twice gets me some awesome shots.

Here’s the truth:

These girls are not afraid of an outdoor adventure, or dirt, or rocks, or mud. I ❤ that.

cande-1 copy cande-1-13

My fav- below. ❤cande-1-15 cande-1-18 cande-1-25 cande-1-33 cande-1-36 cande-1-41 cande-1-48 cande-1-60 cande-1-63 cande-1-66 cande-1-74 cande-1-80Hey girls, thanks for taking me on a nature hike, i loved every second of it! Can’t wait to follow you around again.



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